Best VA Mortgage Lenders From LowVARates

Veterans looking for VA mortgages may feel confused as to which approved VA lenders are the best and most experienced. Well, there is a website called LowVARates that will help veterans find the best VA mortgage lenders. LowVARates is not affiliated with the Department of Veterans Affairs, nor is it a government agency or a mortgage lender. LowVARates can educate veterans and assist them in becoming home owners. Here are the top three VA approved mortgage lenders from LowVARates.

Top VA mortgage lenders

Flagship. The financial group Flagship is an approved VA lender that can also act as a VA broker when there is a loan product that Flagship does not offer which would be better for the veteran. Because of their ability to both fund and broker loans, LowVARates feels Flagship has major benefits for veterans.

Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo is one of the largest lenders for VA loans. They have managed to stay in the home loan market in spite of its volatility in the past few years. VA loan officers have also rated Wells Fargo highly for its stability, interest rates and large array of loan products.

Metlife Home Loans. Although MetLife may be better known as an insurance provider, it is in LowVARates top lender category. MetLife offers a 100% cash out refinance loan for veterans so that they can pay off debt and do home improvements of up to 100% of the home’s value.