Saving Money To Buy A Home – Not The Ordinary Tips

When buying a home you are face with many challenges – one of them being saving money. In this article we give you not so known ways to save money for your mortgage that don’t necessarily have to do with spending less money at Starbucks.

VA Home Mortgage Loan Advantages For Veterans

There are many advantages of VA home mortgage loans. If you are a veteran or on active service and looking to buy a house when you return from duty, the VA home mortgage loan is the way to go. Veterans, before you begin looking into a mortgage for a home purchase, consider these VA home […]

Features of a VA Loan That Make The VA Mortgage Great for Vets

Important features of the VA Loan making the VA loan great for Vets include: no PMI, no down payment, lower interest rates, can be used for multiple purposes, can reuse eligibility.

Qualify for a VA Loan – What Is Required to Qualify for a VA Loan?

Learn about what it takes to Qualify for a VA Loan. Three major criteria for a VA loan: eligibility, military service, income and credit.

Benefits of a VA Loan – VA Loans Have Great Benefits For Those Who Qualify

Learn some of the benefits of VA loans to see if the VA mortgage is right for your home buying and or refinancing needs.

Refunding and Other VA Loan Mortgage Foreclosure Options

Refunding is a way for the VA to help a VA loan borrower to prevent foreclosure. Learn other VA loan mortgage foreclosure options in addition to refunding.

Top Reasons Why A VA Streamline Refinance Makes Sense

Learn the top features of the VA Streamline Refinance that makes the VA Streamline refi a very popular program for those homeowners who already have a VA home mortgage.

The Truth About The VA Hybrid Loan

The VA hybrid loan is a type of VA mortgage loan that combines fixed and adjustable rates. Considering all the well-publicized problems with adjustable rate mortgages, you may think that the VA hybrid loan should be avoided. This article clears up the misconceptions about this type of VA home mortgage loan.

Best VA Mortgage Lenders From LowVARates

There are many approved VA mortgage lenders, so it can be confusing which one to choose. Fortunately, has compiled this list of its top lenders.

VA Streamline Home Loans More Difficult To Get In Today’s Market

If you are a veteran and looking into VA home loan refinancing, this article discusses changes in the VA streamline home loan process.