Income and Credit Eligibility for USDA Home Loans

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has created a program which delivers guaranteed home loans intended to help out individuals or families afford a home in a rural area that qualifies under the program guidelines. How does one go about qualifying for one of the USDA loans? Just like with any other loan, the […]

USDA Rural Development Program Eligibility Requirements

The USDA Rural Home Loan is one of the best loans today for low income families living in rural areas. You must meet the program requirements to qualify.

USDA Loan Credit Requirements – USDA Loan Requirements

USDA Loan Credit Requirements are flexible when compared to other mortgage programs. Learn the USDA Loan Credit Requirements and how they apply to you.

USDA Home Rural Repair and Rehabilitation Improvement Loan Grant Program

USDA Housing Loan Program offers a Rural Repair and Rehabilitation Home Improvement Loan and Grant Program for low income families living in rural areas. Learn about this program.

USDA Loan Refinancing

Do you have a USDA loan that you would like to refinance? Read about the steps to refinance a USDA loan.

Calculation Guidelines For USDA Loan Income

USDA Loans are a great way to finance properties in rural areas. You must meet certain USDA loan guidelines to qualify. This article discusses calculation guidelines for loan income.

Benefits of a USDA Loan – USDA Housing Loan Benefits

The USDA loan offers wonderful benefits to those home buyers who want to buy a home "in the country" with no money down. Learn benefits of USDA loans.