What Is Wrong With My Computer?

     I think many people can relate to this experience. My constant complaint is why a computer manufacturer won’t make a computer that is reliable. Just when I seem to need it most my computer stops working.
     Most hardware issues seem to be taken care of now. Hardware is things like your keyboard, your hard drive, your computer’s RAM, and modem for example. Where most of the problems seem to happen for me is around software. Here are some other things that you might be experiencing with your PC: slow performance, does not print, get kicked off the internet, email does not send, cannot get email.

Getting My Computer Fixed Costs Money
     I think Windows can be a night mare. It always seems like there is something going wrong with it. My problem is that I do not have a lap top computer. Every time I have a problem I have to take the thing apart and take it into the shop to get the bugs and computer viruses worked out. I wish I had a lap top; it would make those treks much easier. I know that I can have a computer technician come to my home, but the last time I did that I spent almost $200. I think my computer is only worth about $400 now. I swear it would be cheaper to buy a new computer every time that it crashes.

I Need To Get My Software Problems Fixed – Some Tips
     Over the years though, I have come up with a few tips that might help you from the agony that I have had when it comes to getting PC help for your home computer. These recommendations are for how to get your computer fixed for the least amount of money and hassle.
     The first thing I tell anyone who asks is that you need to learn as much about fixing your computer on your own as possible so that you do not have to rely on anyone else. Make friends with a geek or maybe you have a friend who is really good with computers. I have found that one of my friends who knows how to set up wireless cable modems is satisfied with pizza and beer to help me out when I need it. No offense to anyone here, but if you are a hot chick you should not have to worry about ever having to pay to get your computer de-bugged. These nerds should be coming out of the wood work to help you; this being when they are not playing video games and eating fast food with their other nerd friends.
     There are also individual consultants out there that will work with you over the phone or come to your home. They do cost money however. A computer geek tech will run you anywhere from $35 to $100 per hour. The only problem with these guys is they can be fly by night and if they make your computer worse, you may not have any way to find them again.
     Best Buy owns a company called Geek Squad. They are computer nerds that will come to your home to help you out. As you can guess it is not cheap, but you will have a big company to back you up in the event that they screw up your system even more. All in all I think that they do a good job. I must admit that the bulk of my problems are software issues and not hardware issues. The need to have someone come to the house for that seems silly, but I have had to do it when I wasn’t able to take my computer to someone to fix it.

Use A Computer Help Desk Service Over The Phone and Internet
     Long ago I thought about what if only someone could take over my computer from their location to fix the problem. That would make a lot of sense. Well the good news is that now there are companies that can do this for you. I guess with so many people working from home nowadays there are computer help companies that now service people in their homes via the phone, internet and on occasion coming to the home.
     One of the best companies that I know is My Computer Works. They can help you just about any software issue that you have. The best thing is that they can take care of all of your computer issues remotely. In affect they can just take over your computer from their office over the internet and make all of the necessary changes that will get you back up and running.  For about what you would spend on one visit, you can get a service contract for a year’s worth of computer help. That is the route that I went. My Computer Works in my opinion is the best money that you will spend on a home office help desk service out there. You will spend pennies a day for their service. I can tell you that it is well worth it. Save your self a head ache and sign up for a computer help desk service.