What Is Google Adsense?

     Google is a very smart company. Here’s their business: take inventory of all the websites in the world that they come across, provide a way for people to search for them, and let advertisers advertise their products and services that are relevant to the searches conducted. An extension of this that works on any web page setup to do so is called Google Adense.

What Is Google Adsense?
     All of us who have websites want to make money online for our efforts. Google Adsense is one sure fired way to get paid for your efforts. Go out and do a search on Google for your favorite topic and click into a few sites found in the search results. If you pay attention you will see text linking ads, may some banner ads, and possibly some video YouTube ads that have a little caption that says: Ads by Google. These ads that are displayed on any website are from the system Google calls Adsense.

How Does Adsense Work?
     Well, if you look closely at the ads that you found on the websites that you just searched you should notice that the ads are relevant to the information found on that particular web page. The Google Adsense program works with the same search technology as does the search feature on Google’s main search page. Only, the Adsense program uses the search technology on your web pages to then place relevant ads on your pages. It is very smart indeed.
     All you, or your programmer, have to do is place some HTML code that Google gives you, when you sign up for an account, into different parts of your web pages. When you put your web page online with the Google HTML code for Adsense if you go to your web page where you placed the code you will see ads. At first they might not be relevant, but give it a few minutes for Google to figure out what your page is about and the next time you come to that page the ads will be the right ones.
     Once the code is in place on your website, visitors to your site will see the advertisements from Google displayed on your site. If a visitor clicks on any of the ads displayed by Google, you get paid. That’s right – you get paid basically every time someone clicks on an Adsense ad. Now, this isn’t supposed to give you the idea that you could just tell someone to start clicking on ads so that you can make money. Google is smarter than that. The "clicker" must stay on the new site for a specified amount of time and Google watches where clicks are coming from. If they suspect fraudulent activity they will discount the clicks. If they can determine that you are part of the fraudulent activity you could lose your Adsense account.

Can Anyone Set Up An Adsense Account?
     Google allows just about anyone or any company with a web site on the Internet to setup an Adsense account. There are some rules that you must follow about how many and how you can display ads that you must follow. Google has to answer to their advertisers, so you need to follow Google’s Adsense Display Guidelines closely. You will be able to read about that if you want to set up an account.

Why Would I Use Adsense?
     Adsense is a great way to get to make money for some of the work you put into your website. However, it is not necessarily for every site. Ultimately the product or service that you sell or provide is hopefully how you make your highest amount of money. If this is the case and you sell that product or service on your website, you may not want to put Adsense on your site; you may not want your visitors to go to other sites for the same products and services that you sell on your site. You will have to decide what is right for you.

How Much Can I Get Paid Per Click On An Adsense Ad?
     It is difficult to say, but the range that I have seen so far is anywhere from 3 cents to nearly $4 per click. How much you get paid is all determined by how much the advertiser is paying Google per click in Adwords. When Google gets paid for a click, Google turns around and pays you a portion of what they are paid. What Google does not tell any of us is what percentage they pay those who use Adsense on their site and how much Google keeps.

How Do I Get An Adsense Account?
     Getting an Adsense account is pretty simple to do. Go to Google.com and just under the search window you will see a link to Advertising Programs. Click the link and you will come to a page that will give you information for Adwords and Adsense. Near the bottom of the page under the Adsense section you will see a button that says Sign Up Now. Click that button and proceed through the directions to set up an account.
     It took me over a year to finally get off my butt and sign up for an Adsense account. My programmer has told me to do for a while. I know it drove him crazy that it took me so long to do it. But, now that I have done it I can only tell people who have websites to go check it out. Don’t wait. It is worth your time to do it. If nothing else, it could pay for your hosting fees. Can it get any better than that?
Article by Dale Stouffer. Dale has been a mortgage broker and network marketer since 1996. He is a contributing author on Make Money Online – Learn more at New-Cash.com