What Are The Benefits Of Publishing Articles On GetPreQualified?

GetPreQualified is in the business of putting our real estate, finance, credit educational information in front of the home buying and home selling consumer. Our publication methods are effective and we stay on top of what the search engines and web directories are looking for when they evaluate and index our web site pages.

Home Buyers and Sellers Find GetPreQualified In Searches For Information
Our web traffic is highly concentrated traffic consisting of home buyers and home sellers. If you have an online presence with a website then publishing articles on GetPreQualified can be a great way to show your expertise about your local market, your market niche, what sets you apart from your competition, among other topics.
Below are some other benefits of publishing your articles on GetPreQualified.

Authoring Is Your Knowledge And Information Signature

If you are a professional in any field that GetPreQualified publishes information on, you become known as an expert and authority in your field.

You make a profound difference and contribution to the lives of home buyers, first time home buyers, home sellers, and any consumer who has a question about home buying, getting pre qualified, credit, and other relevant topics such as home solar products and going green at home.

Be Found Where Consumers Are Looking For Information

Consumers go to the Internet to start their home search. We market ourselves to the home buyers and sellers, as well as industry professionals.

Consumers want information about all kinds of topics such as how to buy a home, what does it mean to get pre qualified or pre approved, how do I pick a real estate agent, how do I pick a mortgage company, how to fix their blemished credit, how to recover from a foreclosure, and so on.

Consumers Are Coming To GetPreQualified.com in Increasing Numbers

Articles that address what consumers are looking for on GetPreQualified get found by home buying web surfers. The majority of the traffic to our site is tracked to our extensive and growing educational article database. In spite of the industry down turn in 2007 and 2008, our traffic has steadily grown. Be a part of this growth.

Additional Traffic and Marketing For Your Online Presence

Links pointing from relevant content to your site will add both traffic and favorable impacts on search engine results for your web site. The number of other sites pointing links at your site increases your importance to the search engines.

To Submit Articles you must read and agree to follow our Author Terms of Participation – Become An Author On GetPreQualified and our Article Editorial Guidelines – Become an Author On GetPreQualified. Inside each set of these guidelines you will see where to submit your articles. Thank you for your contribution.