Sell Your Home Online And Down Payment Assistance With The Nehemiah Program

Selling a home in many parts of the U.S. in 2008 is a challenge. Not since the Great Depression has the U.S. housing market been any worse. Yet there are ways to market and sell your home that are underutilized. One place that is not used enough is on the Nehemiah Corporation Website:

What is Nehemiah and
Nehemiah is a down payment assistance program that provides a method for home buyers to get a gift for a down payment to purchase a home. The only loan program that currently accepts a gift for 100% of a down payment is an FHA mortgage.
To use this program, sellers agree to give at settlement the money that a home buyer would need for their down payment to the Nehemiah Corporation. At the same time, Nehemiah gifts the money that a home buyer would need for their down payment at the settlement table. is Nehemiah Corporation’s consumer website where real estate agents, consumers, mortgage lenders and home sellers can find out about the program as well as start using the program.

Use To Sell Your Home Online
The Nehemiah program in almost all respects is the same as the AmeriDream program. Both of these programs are designed to help low to medium income credit worthy families and individuals become homeowners by providing gifts for down payment and closing costs. There is one exception: home sellers can list their home on for home buyers to see.
By being able to list your home on you are putting your home in front of where home buyers are looking for home buying information. The website is one website where home buyers start their home buying process because it tells them about how to get down payment assistance. This is part of getting prequalified to buy a home. You must know where your down payment is coming from and have that arranged before you start working on a mortgage with a mortgage lender or working with a real estate agent.

Use Nehemiah As A Home Seller Or Real Estate Agent
With so many homes on the market for sale, you must use every opportunity out there to separate yourself from everyone else. Although no one really wants to give away money when selling their home, it makes sense to use down payment assistance as a selling feature for your home. As you begin the process of selling your home, make sure that you advertise allowing down payment assistance through the Nehemiah Program. This will let home shoppers who need a little help with their down payment and closing costs know to look at your home above other homes and home sellers that do not show their willingness to provide home buying assistance.
With over 85% of potential home buyers starting their home buying process online, it just makes sense to list your home in as many places as possible online. The Nehemiah website: is just one place to such a thing. Get listed online and good luck.
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