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These author guidelines are designed to help you understand what we accept and do not accept for inclusion within the GetPreQualified Article Distribution Network (GPQ-ADN). By emailing your article to GetPreQualified you agree to the following terms, requirements, conditions and to our Editorial Guidelines.

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To have your article accepted, it must meet the following conditions:


All articles submitted to must be original content that was written by you, your coauthor, or client. In short, you must retain 100% of the copyrights on any article you submit for publishing throughout the GPQ-ADN. Any articles that have been identified as having been copied, in whole or in part, from another person’s original content will be immediately rejected and/or deleted and the author submitting such content will be ignored from future submissions.


Any and all articles you submit to are granted unconditional permission to publishing and reproduction. Submission of an article also grants unconditional permission to feature your article within the GPQ-ADN and any ‘run-of-network’ GetPreQualified might be associated with currently or in the future. GetPreQualified also retains the right to publish a summary of your article on various RSS blog and supporting feeds. GetPreQualified may also use your article in any newsletters, current or future, that it might deem informative or educational for a particular reader base. In doing so, your information, bio data and/or links will remain as part of the original submission unless specifically requested that it be removed or modified.


It is the goal of GetPreQualified to offer for public consumption your unique expertise. Tips, case studies, strategies, techniques, analysis, opinions – anything that might make your presentation of a particular process or service of educational value to our readers. Any new way of presenting information on a specific topic vs. some superficial summary is always the best approach. GetPreQualified retains the right to reject any submission not in line with our standards.


United States Law states that natural copyright is automatically granted at the moment of publication. “Publication” is not just specific to printed material and has clearly extended to the digital domain. Any article that is posted within the GetPreQualified domain retains a natural copyright unless otherwise granted to an author as noted within the posting. GetPreQualified freely grants any author clear copyright of his or her own material that has been accepted for publication within the GPQ-ADN and/or any ‘run-of-network’ GetPreQualified might be associated with currently or in the future. However, because of the nature of the web, GetPreQualified cannot protect your copyrighted material that might get copied from any page within the GPQ website.

Should you discover material that you submitted to GetPreQualified published on any site other than or any of the sites within the ‘run-of-network’ distribution model you will have the responsibility to take legal action against the perpetrator, if you wish to do so, and you will bear the cost of such pursuit to protect your interests. If you do not wish to have this responsibility or agree to our terms, please do not submit your articles to us for publication. GetPreQualified DOES NOT ADVOCATE THEFT of ANY information found within the pages of the domain.

ARTICLE LENGTH SHOULD BE at least 650 words in length and up to 2,500

The ‘sweet spot’ for articles on the web is typically between 750 and 850 words. Of course, if you have more information than 850 words, don’t let those numbers hold you back. You may see this as an opportunity to construct an article with various parts (i.e. Article Title: Part 1, Article Title: Part 2, Article Title: Part 3, and so on). This is a very powerful way to attract more traffic to your submissions as they naturally gain more relevancy when being indexed by the Web Directories and Search Engines.

MUST NOT be an ad for a specific product or service, press release, sales letter or excessive and blatant self-promotion.

Such efforts are typically not something that can be labeled as ‘educational material’ for our consumer base. It is the continuing goal of GetPreQualified to aid the general public by being a free, informative resource that they may return to for answers concerning the various topics found on the site. If you are looking to utilize the advertising power of GetPreQualified and the ‘run-of-network’ it is associated with, please contact Sales ( ) and an arrangement can be made through that department.


You may suggest the category or sub-category that you feel your article is suited for. GetPreQualified retains the right to place your article under the category/sub-category that it things best things the submission is suited for.


Each article that you submit must contain an Article Summary. A summary consists of 2 to 6 sentences and cannot exceed 450 characters. The purpose of a summary is to grant the viewer the ability to determine what the article is about offering a deeper understanding than what the title might provide. You should consider the inclusion of key words within the summary so that any indexing by the Web Directories and Search Engines. Such indexing takes place continuously throughout the pages of GetPreQualified. Your article can be better served within the external ranking it might receive from the likes of Google, Yahoo, MSN and so on.


Submissions MUST NOT be of the exact same article previously submitted

MUST NOT include a reply to a personal email, letter or other correspondence.

MUST NOT be keyword stuffed with excessive keywords or key phrases that are repeated and/or bolded too many times within the article.

Ideally, your keywords should be optimized based on the most commonly searched keywords as published by Wordtracker Keywords or some other keyword tool, for your particular niche. If you are unsure how to accomplish this, you are free to write the staff at GetPreQualified. If you do not include keywords then GPQ will choose them for you as this is a vital part of optimizing your article and getting your content noticed. It helps to use a good keyword research tool to help you determine which ones are best to use. You should have a minimum of 4 to 5 keywords and a maximum of 20. We do not accept keywords that are completely unrelated to the content of your article.


Submit your articles to

Within your email include the Article Title, Summary, Main Body, a list of Up To 20 Keywords/Phrases that directly relate to the content of the article, the Category/Sub-Category where you believe the article is most relevant, your Author Bio (including any links and email addresses), and your Main Contact Phone Number (not for publishing) where we may reach you if necessary.

To insure the integrity of our site, GetPreQualified retains the right to edit your content to correct spelling and/or grammatical errors that it sees in its review process. GetPreQualified may also add sub-headings throughout the body of your article as it sees fit to ensure the maximum SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that the article might qualify for. Though you are welcome to include your own sub-headlines throughout your article, the Staff at GPQ has considerable experience in determining what the various Web Directories and Search Engines look for. Please note that such modifications are implemented in order to gain maximum exposure for the content of your article and are never intended to change the ‘spirit’ of the content submitted.
GetPreQualified reserves the right to modify these Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice.
GetPreQualified does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of services, information, or products of your submitted articles on this site.
Publication of your article content on GetPreQualified does imply either covertly or overtly GetPreQualified’s endorsement or recommendation of your content, services, products, or information.
GetPreQualified is not responsible for the content or availability of 3rd party sites linked to from within GetPreQualified. Furthermore, GetPreQualified does not guarantee, warrant, assume legal liability, or take responsibility for the content of your articles that we publish. Will ensure that every link works upon publication and periodically check the integrity of links contained within it. The editors will further ensure that questionable, or non-relevant links are disabled, or not accepted. Please do not spam.
GetPreQualified will post this disclaimer at the end of every article: "This Article is designed to be of general interest and should not be considered legal advice. The specific information discussed may not apply to you. Before acting on any matter contained herein, you should consult with your personal legal adviser."
Please review and agree to our Editorial Guidelines. Again, submission of your article(s) to GetPreQualified for publication indicates that you have read and agree to these guidelines. Thanks!

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