Database Normalization – Would You Fly An Airplane Without Instruments?

Database Normalization Is Important For Ensuring Your Database Is Free Of Duplicate Content And Other Error Causing Anomalies

What Are The Benefits Of Publishing Articles On GetPreQualified?

There are quite a few benefits of publishing articles on GetPreQualified. What can you stand to gain by putting your expertise and experience in front of home buyers and sellers searching for mortgage, real estate and credit information.

Article Editorial Guidelines – Become an Author on GetPreQualified

Article Editorial Guidelines for GetPreQualified. Submit your articles to GetPreQualified. Become an expert in your field of expertise. Follow our guidelines to publish your mortgage, real estate, credit repair, debt settlement, debt negotiation articles.

Author Terms of Participation – Become An Author On GetPreQualified

Author Guidelines and Terms of Participation, Become an Author On Publish your expert knowledge. General requirements to submit articles to GetPreQualified. Read the guidelines.

Common Loan Officer Mistakes On FHA Loans – A Solution

There are many common loan officers mistakes on FHA loans. A solution is the FHA Loan Origination Guide. Learn how to originate FHA mortgages and avoid problems with your loans, get more refinances, close more home sales, and make more relationships with real estate agents.

Start Buying a Home At PropertyNut

Start buying a home at makes searching for a home to buy simple and secure. List property and get buyers for your home. markets its listings on where buyers start their home buying process.

Mortgage Interest Rates Online – Many Factors Go Into A Quote

Mortgage Interest Rates Online are not reliable, but a good place to start when buying a home or refinancing a mortgage. Interest rate quotes have many factors that go into them. Make sure you talk to at least 3 loan officers.

Sell Your Home Online And Down Payment Assistance With The Nehemiah Program

The Nehemiah Down Payment Assistance Program is great for selling a home online. Market your home with the Nehemiah Website. Down Payment Assistance is a great solution to sell your home fast.

What Is Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization – SEO – Process of formatting relevant keyword phrases and content on your site to show up in search engines for particular keywords related to your products or services

What Is Google Adsense?

Use Google Adsense to make money online with your website. Google will pay you when someone clicks on a Google Adsense ad on your site. Get paid for your website. Learn more about Google Adsense…

What Is Adwords?

Adwords is Google’s way of allowing an advertiser to publish ads on Find out the basics of Adwords to see if it is relevant to your online marketing plan…

Do You Know Where Your Buyer and Listing Leads Are Coming From?

Tracking the performance of any business is like wearing shoes. If you are a real estate agent and you are not tracking your leads you may be using your time and money ineffectively. Here are a few suggestions to get your started in tracking.

What Is Wrong With My Computer?

Or better yet, what the hell is wrong with my damn computer? I know that I have said this many times over the years. It seems to get louder when the timing is worse. Find make sense solutions.

Common Computer Problems and How To Fix Them

Computers are great and with some of their common problems they can be a source of great aggravation. Many computer problems can be solved with a few simple checks and actions. You will find three common problems and their remedies in this article.

Common Ways Someone Can Harm Your Computer

Computers play a big role in most of our lives. We use it to communicate with each other, work, have fun, explore, do research, make plans, etc. Unfortunately, there are people out there that use the Internet for some very bad reasons that you need to protect yourself from.