How to teach your kids about spending and saving money, credit, retirement and taxes

If you have kids, or have had them, one of the toughest things to teach them about in my opinion is money. We as human beings get really funny about money, how much we make, how much we spend, how much we owe. I think that if we start young with our kids in teaching them about money we can save ourselves as parents in the future.

Tax Deductions for a home buyer – The benefits from buying a home

Buying a home can be a tense time for some folks. It can also be an expensive time. Thanks to the IRS, you can get some of your money back in the form of tax deductions for some of your expenses.

Tax Deductions For A Homeowner – Benefits To Owning A Home Versus Renting

It is typical that if you called me to pre qualify for a new home we would discuss the advantages of owning a home. On the list of discussion topics are tax deductions in the form of mortgage interest paid on the loan. If one considers the tax write offs applied over a 12 month period of time with mortgage payments there can be significant savings over someone who rents.

Why Roth IRA’s Totally Rule

Roth IRA’s and Traditional IRA’s both have their place in individual retirement planning. Hands down, the Roth IRA is the first place to start with your retirement planning.