Servamatic Solar Hot Water Heaters – Cheap

     Servamatic Solar Hot Water heaters have a big advantage over its PV or photo voltaic rival; they are cheaper. These two types of water heaters heat water, but they don’t exactly work the same and the Servamatic heater is much cheaper. So far, the solar water heater industry has been slow to take hold in the U.S. due to the expense of these systems. The Servamatic unit may be exactly what is needed to begin to make an impact in the solar hot water installation opportunity in residential markets across the U.S.

Uses For Solar Hot Water: Water And Heat
     Solar hot water is water that is heated only by the energy from the sun. Solar hot water heating systems are generally constructed of solar thermal collectors. It is a system to move the heat from the collector to its point of use, and a tank for heat storage and later use. The systems are probably best used at home or business. Solar hot water also has the potential to heat homes as well as businesses. Tubes of hot water can run through floors and can provide radiant heat.

Save Money And Energy With Solar
     For most homes, heating water for showering, cooking and washing clothes use up the largest percentage of energy usage in the household. Some solar hot water heaters can reduce the water heating bill up to 75%. In some European countries solar combisystems are used to provide 15 to 25% of the homes heating energy. Solar combisystems combine hot water for bathing and heating in the same system.

How Do Solar Hot Water Heaters Work
     To be able to heat water using solar power, a collector must be attached to the roof of a building or home that faces the sun. The collector could be made of basic glass top box with flat solar absorbers made out of sheet metal that attach to copper pipes. The pipes are painted black to attract the most amount of sunlight. Black attracts more light than white. That is why you do not want to own a black car in Phoenix Arizona during the summer. They are very hard to keep cool so you have to run your air conditioner more.
     However when it comes to black for heating water, it is definitely the way to go. Mirrors are placed in a box which concentrate sunlight on the tubes. Water is run through these tubes and as the water flows through the tubes it heats up. This then forces the water into the tank. The heat is stored in a hot water tank system.

Use A Larger Storage Tank To Store For Cloudy Days
     The size of the tank will be larger than a regular tank to accommodate for bad weather. The temperature that a solar hot water system can manufacture is a little less than what a typical combustion or immersion heater can produce. This is why you need to have a larger tank with a solar hot water heating system. If you tried to keep the same size tank and one you would use that is attached to the grid, you would run out of water very fast.

The U.S. Needs To Encourage A Switch To Solar Like Other Countries
     The bottom line with solar hot water heating is that it does make a lot of sense to start installing these systems. We need to do whatever we can to stop it. Currently Israel requires that all new homes be equipped with solar hot water heating systems. Israel now has the highest percentage of a nation having their electricity come from solar. The percentage of solar energy that Israel produces is about 3% of all their power use. We can all learn this lesson from Israel.