Residential Solar Power – Two Basic Uses For A Home

     Residential Solar Power is finally becoming a big deal. Back in the 1970’s the solar energy movement tried and fizzled. Back then, energy just wasn’t that expensive. The general attitude towards energy was that we don’t have to worry about it running out.
     Today, in 2008 the story is much different. Energy prices are going up everywhere. Everyone is impacted by increasing energy prices, so much so that solar power is getting new attention. In fact, energy conservation, resource conservation, making things more efficient is getting new attention from just about everyone it seems. For example, grocery stores are now giving discounts on grocery bills for bringing your own bags.
     Have you noticed the increasing number of news stories showing alternative fuel cars, and ways to save money with solar at home? In this article, are going to explore some of the basics of solar power and your home.

Two Basic Types Of Solar Power Or Solar Energy.

One type of solar power is the kind that makes electricity. Sun rays hit a solar panel and the sun’s hot sun rays are converted into useable electricity.

Another type of solar power is called solar thermal energy. This type of solar energy uses a type of solar panel that heats either water or some type of glycol (antifreeze type liquid) mixture. This heated water is then used to heat water for the home in the hot water heater or perhaps the pool.

What To Consider About Solar Power For My Home
     When faced with whether to start using solar power around your home there are basically two fundamental things to think about. The first is from a practical viewpoint and the other is from an ethical viewpoint. From a practical standpoint, you could ask yourself questions like, “can I save money?” and “how long will it take me to get my money back?” and so on. From an ethical viewpoint, you could ask questions like, “do I believe that there is a problem with global warming?” and “are fuel prices going to ever come back down again?” and “can I make a difference or is it really worth it for me to try?”
     These questions are not easy to answer, and only you can answer them for yourself. At the moment, residential solar power is not cheap, but in the long run it will be worth the expense because we’ll never run out of solar energy.