Home Buying For Dummies, Third Edition, by Eric Tyson, MBA and Ray Brown

     Buying a home is a fun and exciting part of life, but it can also be confusing, challenging and complicated. It can be especially confusing if you are a first time home buyer. As soon as you tell someone who has already purchased a home that you are buying a home for the first time you will never hear the end of it. Everyone has good intentions, but everyone will have advice and suggestions. They will also definitely know the "best way" that you should do it.
     Unfortunately, in real estate when you make the wrong move you it could cost you a great deal of aggrevation and money. To get the right home at a price that works for you, you need to do your research, look into the future a bit, and get some help from some experienced professionals. How people make mistakes in real estate is typically because they do not know something and are afraid to say something about it – they do not want to look bad. You have heard it before, "the only stupid question is the question that you do not ask."
     One way to get started to get started is to purchase Home Buying for Dummies, Third Edition. This book provides so much great information that GetPreQualified.com recommends this book to any first time home buyer. This book will give you enough information so that you can ask questions as well be able to spot something not quite right about what is being said to you. Home Buying for Dummies follows the traditional style of these books with humor, funny stories, and top notch information. There is no other place to find this kind of information in one source. It is also the perfect companion to Mortgages For Dummies if you are looking for an in depth guide to financing your home.

What Do I Need To Know in Buying a Home

How to improve my credit score and select a mortgage

Tips and techniques to writing a sales contract and getting the right deal for me

Determine the price for a home that I want to pay and can afford

How to pick a real estate agent and real estate team to work for me

How to use the internet to find a home, a real estate agent, and even buy online

How to negotiate the best deal for me

What inspections I need to do before I buy a home

How to make sure I am protected with a home warranty

What is title insurance and what it is used for

Even how to deal with the emotional roller coaster of buying a home

     You will also get to see a sample real estate sales contract so you’ll know what your real estate agent is doing for you, and you’ll get to see some example home inspection reports and information.
     With Home Buying for Dummies in your arsenal, buying your home will be much easier. You can search and have confidence in your self knowing that you are doing the right thing for your self and your family.
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Home Buying For Dummies, Third Edition .