Foreclosure Investing for Dummies by Ralph Roberts and Joe Kraynak

     As of April 2008, never since the Great Depression have the number of foreclosures been as high as they are in the U.S. housing market. With this being the case there are a tremendous amount of real estate investing opportunities for those who have a desire and the resources available. Foreclosure Investing for Dummies is a great resource to read to get started in real estate investing.
     Investing in real estate can be a challenging and very rewarding way to make money. There are additional problems when it comes to investing in foreclosure properties such as physical condition of the property. The home owner who left the property most likely did not keep the place up once they knew that they were going to lose it.
     Investing in foreclosure properties can have even more challenging aspects to it given you are buying someone’s home who is either losing it or just lost it in a bank foreclosure. One pressure you will have to learn to deal with is the fact that you are buying someone’s home who just lost it. This book, Foreclosure Investing for Dummies, answers how you can keep your morals, standards, trust and integrity while making money.

What Do I Need To Know To Be A Real Estate Foreclosure Investor
     When you complete reading this book you will know:

How to Identify great investment opportunities while understanding your risks

How to research and get information to educate you about property investment opportunities

Learn how to locate properties before they go into foreclosure

How to assist unhappy homeowners who are going through the foreclosure process

How to buy properties below market value prior to the auction

How to buy a property at an auction, directly from a lending institution, and from government agencies

How to repair, renovate, and sell or lease your property

     If you are looking for a get quick rich scheme then this book is not for you. Instead this book provides thorough and invaluable information that if applied with time, hard work, and tenacity can assist you in becoming a successful real estate investor. You will also learn how to utilize your own home’s equity through refinancing as well as show how to work with homeowners as they are faced with a challenging and upsetting process of foreclosure.
     Given the foreclosure market is high and going up, it is time to look seriously at this way of real estate investing. Learn how to avoid common mistakes on your way to your success as an investor.
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Foreclosure Investing for Dummies