Increase Property Values With These 8 Quick Fixes For Home Sellers

In today’s volatile housing market, selling your house can be very difficult. Let’s say you are currently living in Queen Creek, Arizona and you want to put your home on the market, but first you want to make some property improvements. Here are eight quick fixes you can make that could increase property values and help you sell your home faster.

Property improvements for a quick sale

Adding attractive landscaping or outdoor sculpture to the home’s exterior increases its “curb appeal” and helps the prospective buyer remember your home.

A fresh coat of exterior and interior paint makes your home look instantly newer and cleaner.

Make sure that the bathrooms are clean and clutter free. Update the sinks and faucets if they show signs of wear. In your kitchen, adding a special built-in appliance like an espresso maker can really make your home stand out to buyers.

Add refinements like crown molding to your living and dining rooms. Just make sure that any additions will complement the rest of the details in your room.

If you have wood flooring, you may not have the time and money to refurbish it before your house goes up for sale. You can, however, do a light sanding and a fresh coat of varnish, and if done correctly, it will look like you have a new floor.

De-cluttering your house before you show it to prospective buyers is very important. First organize everything into three piles: “give away”, “throw away” and “keep” and then dispose of the first two piles. Clear out your closets so that buyers will have an idea of how much storage space the house has.

Get new window drapes. Simple, light drapes may be all you need to give your house an open, clean feel. In Arizona, venetian blinds are popular.

Last but not least, it’s always a good idea to hire an inspector to look your house over for potential problems you may have overlooked. Showing a potential buyer a stellar inspection report could be the deciding factor in selling your house.