How To Win When Negotiating Your Home Sale As A Seller In A Buyers Market

With the number of folks out there looking to sell their home, I thought it would be good to cover some tips that every home seller should follow to sell a home to get the maximum value.

Most home sellers I talk with are tired of hearing that it is a buyers market because every buyer seems to want to get the cheapest price with some ridiculous requests for concessions. Often however, buyers are making these requests and low ball offers because they have seen something from the seller that indicate a negotiating weakness. If you are selling your home consider these suggestions

Selling Your Home In A Buyers Market

  • Announce you are in a hurry or must sell because you are moving. Here you are dealing with two issues: the prospective buyer and your real estate agent. First the buyer – if they smell blood they will try to get it by asking for just about anything including lowball offers and maximum seller assistance for closing costs. For your real estate agent – don’t consider them a friend – they aren’t. They are business people who want to close transactions to make their living. As much as they can they will represent you, and trust them to have their representation in their negotiations with potential buyers.
  • Never truthfully answer the question: “why are you selling?” This question will always come up if you are selling your home. For sure you never want to answer the question with the life story. Answers such as “tired of the heat” or “time to answer the family’s call to move back home” are both vague answers that will give sellers and real estate agents very little to work with when looking for negotiation angles.
  • Don’t oversell your home. What we mean by this is that sellers will buy their home based on their feelings not by what you try to convince them of. If you try to sell your home through convincing them you will come off sounding desperate and needy. Let buyers decide for themselves – let their brains fill up with visions of how your home will look with their stuff in it. In fact, if buyers are coming to look at your home and you hve a real estate agent representing you, it is best if you run an errand and get out of the way. Your agent can handle everything that needs to be said. Remember – you don’t have to accept any offers that you don’t like.
  • Lastly, make your home presentable. The last thing that any buyer wants to see is a messy house. Clean it up and keep it clean during the time that you have it up for sale. Ask your agent about staging tips to help your home present better. In fact a good agent will have a list of things you’ll need to do around your home to make it look better for prospective buyers.

These are the only tips out there, but these are some of the better ones that should keep you in the running to sell your home in a buyers market.