Easy Home Improvements To Attract Buyers

If you are planning to sell your house, you may want to think about which home updates will display your house in the best light to attract buyers. These easy home improvements may help you do just that.

Quick home updates

Paint your home. Painting the interior and exterior of your house the right colors can help you sell it. Find out what the designer colors for today are and plan your updates around those.

Do not use high gloss paint or lacquer if your walls or woodwork have surface imperfections. Painting with a lower level of sheen will help hide marring and uneven surfaces.

Avoid dark paint on trims. It can be difficult and costly to remove. The same is true for wallpaper. It can be hard to remove, and most home buyers prefer paint.

Home buyers today look for large kitchens and dining rooms. If you have an older home, these areas may not be large enough for modern buyers. Although there may not be much you can do about the size of your rooms, painting them a light color and updating the cabinets with a lighter color wood, for example, can make them appear larger and brighter.

In your kitchen and bathrooms, replace old backsplashes and cracked and worn out counter tops.

Update old toilets, sinks and fixtures. Try to enlarge a small bath or shower if possible.

If you have small closets in the bedrooms, see if it is possible to increase storage space in them.

Built in bookcases are a nice touch and an incentive for many buyers.

Replace linoleum and worn out carpets. These are obvious clues to a buyer that your home is outdated.
Make sure that any additions to your home blend in with the rest of the house and are well built.

Replace small windows. Buyers today look for homes with large windows that let in light and fresh air. Gloomy, dark houses are not appealing to anyone.

Recessed ceilings look classy and add value to your home, but are not easy to install. Ceiling domes might be an easier addition. Either way, you can update the lighting to make the most of these special treatments.

If you have themes in children’s bedrooms, make sure the theme does not overpower the rest of the room.

A house should always have a garage or a carport.

Remove excessive built-in mirrors.

Repair or replace old or worn molding and trim.

Noisy bathroom fans should be replaced.

Update gold light fixtures and Hollywood style lighting.