Curb Appeal Ideas – Tips To Get Your Phoenix Area Home Sold

You may have only one chance to show your home to a perspective buyer, do not let this opportunity go by letting the outside of your property look unmaintained. Painting, cleaning your driveway, and landscaping play a huge role in convincing a buyer that this is their next home. These tips and suggestions that follow will help improve your home’s curb appeal.
Take a look at the outside of your house, chances are it could use a fresh coat of paint. If you have a stucco exterior, as many homes in the Phoenix area do, now is the time to patch any holes and fix the running cracks before you paint. If your house looks ok consider just painting the trim and doors, this will give the whole exterior a just painted look. Fix any door squeaks with a small amount of WD40 on the hinges, you don’t want a homebuyer think that Lurch from the Addams family is on the other side of the door. Clean your windows and keep them clean especially after a rain. Replace any light bulbs that may have burnt out. Also make sure that you can hear the doorbell when it is rang.

Indoor And Outdoor Cosmetics Like Paint and Cleaning Add To Curb Appeal
Clean your driveway, if you have any oil spots purchase a driveway degreaser form a home center like Home Depot. You want to make every impression a good one, oil spots may look like you do not keep your vehicles maintained and that may lead to a false impression about your homes condition. Make sure when your home is about to be shown that you park your vechicles off property, you want a perspective home buyer to imagine that they are driving up to their new property.
Keep your yard looking maintained. Mow the lawn if you have grass, and in the winter in Phoenix plant a winter lawn, dormant bermuda grass looks dead. If you have a desert landscape make sure to blow any debris off of the rocks, old cigarette butts and gum wrappers do not appeal to buyers. Keep your trees and bushes trimmed and make sure that if you have a clear walkway to the front door. If you are not up to this or do not have the time please use a landscaper.
When selling your Phoenix area home you want to use every advantage that you have in this buyer’s market. Curb appeal, the way your house looks from the street, is well worth the effort. Fresh paint, a spotless driveway, and a well landscaped yard may be what your house needs to get sold.
Article Submitted By Brian Pratte. Brian has been helping home buyers and home sellers buy and sell homes in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area for years. He knows the local economy, schools, neighborhoods, market conditions, and had a broad network of professional contacts to rely on to help him put the best deal for his clients on the table. You can reach Brian at his website: for Phoenix Arizona Real Estate or call him at: 602-205-4988 or email him at: Pratte3060 (at)