Leaving Your Home Unoccupied For An Extended Period Of Time

     No matter whether you travel for business, have an unoccupied rental property, or are considered a Snow Bird there always seems to be the small question of "What If" when leaving your home.
     What if a water pipe sprang a leak? Keep in mind just a small crack in a waterline can leak up to 250 gallons of water a day. That 250 gallons of water can ruin wood floors, furniture and anything else it touches. With water seeping into the walls your house now has the possibility of growing mold!
     As an unoccupied home sits, there are many things that could happen. Many unoccupied homes don’t see the kind of care that can prevent these sort of disaster; like the one mentioned above. Here is a short list of things that can help prepare your home for the months that it may sit as an unoccupied home.

Adjust The Thermostat
     This is often an overlooked task when preparing an unoccupied home. Every area of the country is going to be a little different on the temperature you should set your thermostat. Keep your home warm enough to keep pipes from freezing but not hot enough to cost you an arm and a leg.

Weatherize Your Home
     Whether you have plastic or metal water pipes, you run the risk of them cracking or breaking. The best protection is to have the water turned off. Check with your local plumber for advice pertaining to your homes water system.

Plan For The Weather
     If you are a snowbird, one often overlooked and unpredictable event can be the weather. If you live in an area that has harsh winters, empty your water pipes to prevent freezing. If your area is subject to high winds or frequent storms. Trim trees and shrubs around your home to prevent them from breaking and damaging your homes exterior.

Schedule and Perform Regular Maintenance
     Having your homes regular maintenance done can help the overall long term condition of your home as well be a great way to prevent those unseen events from happening. Cleaning gutters, caulking around windows, sealing cracks and flushing your water heater can not only prevent these events but also help in reducing costs while you live in your home.

Security Alarm System For Your Home
     An unoccupied home is also at risk of vandalism as well as burglary. Making your home looked lived in can greatly reduce these two areas. Consider putting your outside lights on timers/motion activation or talk to your neighbors about keeping an eye on things. Many homes these days are part of Home Owners Associations (HOA’s), let your HOA know that your going to be gone, the more eyes watching your unoccupied home the better!
     These are just a few helpful tips when leaving your home unoccupied for any extended period of time. Coming home to the unexpected or what could have Been prevented can ruin the best of vacations!!
     Article written by PropertyNut.com editorial staff. If you have an unoccupied home and want to rent it, you can place it in PropertyNut.com.