Becoming A Real Estate Investor – Tips To Avoid Costly Mistakes

Real Estate Investing is a great way to make money, but you really cannot learn how to do it correctly from the late night or early Sunday AM infomercial. Nor can you learn it from a quick 4 hour seminar held at a local hotel.
Make sure that you do your research. Talk to some real estate investors in your area and get some advice. There are real estate investment clubs in many metropolitan areas. You can find them by looking online.
The following are suggestions of what to do if you are getting into real estate investing or just thinking about it to avoid big time losses and a lot of stress.

Get Trained First
Many new investors want to jump in and get started. Investing in real estate can pay big dividends and it can bury you quick. Knowing what you’re doing before you start will save you a lot of money and stress down the road when things do not necessarily go as smoothly as planned. There are just too many resources to go this way of making money alone. Take the time upfront to get trained – then buy your first property.

Get The Word Out
Market yourself and your services. Most people fail in business because they fail to get the word out about their business. Failing to get the word out can be failing to advertise at all, or failing to really advertise what it is that you offer.
You must also use the Internet to market yourself. Get a website and use it to promote your properties and services. It is too easy in today’s Internet world to get a site up and running with properties to sell in less than a day. There are also so many places to advertise your properties online that there is no excuse that you can’t get people online to know about you and your services etc.

Do Not Pay Too Much For A Property
Paying too much for a property to take a thin deal to get started is definitely the wrong foot to start out on. This is especially true if you are starting with a fixer upper property as your first property. Over paying for a home and then trying to pay for repairs on top of that could cost you a lot of time, money and frustration so that when it comes to sell, you could be selling for a loss. Certainly selling for a loss isn’t why you wanted to be a real estate investor. Ask around to see if you can get some help on pricing a property before you ante up your deposit money and sales contract offer.

Do Not Get Attached
Remember this mantra – “Properties Come and Properties Go!” If you keep this in mind you may be able to keep yourself from falling in love with a property. Falling in love with a property could lead you to conducting your real estate business from emotion versus sound business decisions.

Have Money To Fall Back On
Having money to fall back on applies to two things: reserves to pay for unexpected expenses and having enough money to cover owning the property for an extended period of time if you can’t sell or if it takes longer than expected to rehab. Either of these situations calls for having cash set aside to grease the skids so to speak.
The last thing you want to deal with is low cash flow and reserves as you may be forced into accepting a deal you don’t want to get out of your situation, or you may choose to cut some corners to save some money. Cutting corners could cost you even more in terms of curb and buyer appeal as well as safety code violations. Do thing right the first time and have some money to fall back on and you will be fine.
Keep these real estate investing suggestions in mind when you start out and you’ll have a better time of getting started. Again, ask questions of more experienced investors, take the time to learn what to do, do it right the first time, have money to fall back on, market yourself, don’t over pay for a property and never ever get emotionally attached to what you are doing or to any properties. Happy Real Estate Investing.
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