Real Estate How To Find A Home and Buy a Home Process

Have you dreamed about what features you want in your new home? Here is a list of items to keep in mind as you put together what your new house should have.

Hire A Real Estate Agent

You can go it alone in buying a home, but real estate agents can keep you out of a bad real estate deal while finding you just the right home and negotiating the best deal for you.

Get Pre Approved for Financing

Before you start your home search find out how much home you can afford to buy. Your first call should be to a loan officer or a lender. You’ll need to find a loan officer, get your credit report and scores and perhaps even do some work to improve your credit in order to qualify.

Search For a Home

There are many resources to find a home including friends, family, co-workers, real estate agents, newspapers, real estate magazines, and number on-line real estate property search websites.

Making an Offer and Contract Contingencies

Submitting an offer on a home is exciting. Use an experienced Real Estate Agent to negotiate on your behalf. Be sure to pay attention to any contingency clauses in the contract. Once you pass a contingency there is no going back.

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