Solutions To Consider When Having Difficulty With Your Mortgage Payments

Making mortgage payments with an adjustable rate mortgage and an adjusting interest rate is causing many home owners to default on their mortgages. Take action to head off foreclosure, losing your home to a scam artist or an unlicensed mortgage company.

Mortgage After A Foreclosure – How Long Does It Take To Qualify?

To Qualify For A Mortgage After A Foreclosure It Takes 3 Years. You Can Qualify for FHA and VA Mortgages following a foreclosure in 3 or more years. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will qualify you for a mortgage after a foreclosure in 4 years. Use the time wisely to repair your credit, and get your credit scores up.

Foreclosure On Your Home – Three Alternatives For A Lender.

Mortgage Lenders Have Alternative Ways To Foreclose On A Home Where The Mortgage Is In Default. Deed In Lieu Of Foreclosure, Judicial Foreclosure, Trust Deed Foreclosure, Non Judicial Trustees Sale, Judicial Foreclosure, basic steps of foreclosure.

Understanding The Foreclosure Process – Current Trends

Recent trends with mortgage lenders results in increased number of workout plans to avoid foreclosure process with borrowers. Home owners facing the foreclosure process should try hard to workout a plan with their mortgage company to stop the foreclosure on their home.

Get Renters Insurance If Renting A Home After Foreclosure

Get Renters Insurance If Renting A Home After Foreclosure. Renters Insurance is often missed by renters. If you have owned a home your homeowners insurance policy will not cover you if you are now renting a home. Make sure that you check your current insurance company for renters insurance and shop around.

Renting a Home Until Your Credit Rebounds After A Foreclosure

Renting a Home Until Your Credit Rebounds After a Foreclosure. Renting a home is a credit way to reestablish credit following a bankruptcy. It takes 3 years from foreclosure to be able to qualify for a mortgage.

What Does REO Mean? Real Estate Owned

What Does REO Mean? Real Estate Owned and REO stand for banked owned property from a foreclosure. Buy REO properties. Maybe get a good deal, but do your inspections, use a real estate agent.

How To Do A Short Sale Request

Asking for a short sale request from your mortgage lender is a option for stopping foreclosure. The short sale process takes time and effort, learn more.

Short Sale An Option To Stop Foreclosure

Use a Short Sale as one option to stop a foreclosure on your home. If you plan to do a short sale start early it take some time to get it approved.

Common Questions and Answers About the Foreclosure Process and Deficiencies

It is not bad enough that you may have or already have lost your home to a foreclosure process, but you may not be out of the woods yet with deficiency notices and taxes due on forgiven mortgage balances. Here are some common questions…

Troubled Irish and European Housing Markets Follow U.S. Housing Markets

Ireland and many other European countries are just beginning to really feel the effects of the U.S. subprime mortgage debacle. Find out why.

Foreclosure Rescue Scams – What Are The Warning Signs

Facing a Foreclosure, in a foreclosure? If so, you ought to be on the lookout for the warning signs of the ever increasing foreclosure rescue scam. With foreclosures increasing in the U.S. so are the scams – do not be a victim!

The Tactics of a Foreclosure Rescue Scam Artist

Did you get a ARM loan that is now adjusting and you are getting behind on your mortgage payments? Do not go from bad to worse. Be on the lookout for the foreclosure rescue scammer who wants your home and your money. Tactics to watch out for.

How To Spot a Foreclosure Rescue Scam

Foreclosure Rescue, or bailout, programs work for some folks, but there are some bad folks out there who do not care about you, they only want your money. They will do whatever they need to do to get it. Learn how to recognize them.

Foreclosures & Short Pays And How It Affects Your Market Value

Did your neighbor, ex neighbor’s, house sell for way under market due to a short sale, or a foreclosure sale? How is your home’s value affected? Find out in this article.

Steps of Foreclosure – Early Steps Prevent Foreclosure

If you are getting behind in your mortgage payments and foreclosure is on the way then take action early. 6 tips to prevent foreclosure are given in this article.