Speak to a Real Estate Attorney: Thomson Law To Decide Short Sale or Bankruptcy

In the event that you are faced with financial hardship and the decision to lose your home through a foreclosure or short sale or bankruptcy – you need to speak to a qualified Real Estate Attorney

The Foreclosure Document Controversy – What It Means For Buyers

Banks have put foreclosures on hold due to a document controversy. What does this mean for buyers? What if you have already bought a foreclosed home? Read about some of the issues of buying a foreclosed home.

What Is Loss Mitigation – Loss Mitigation And Losing Your Home To Foreclosure

Loss mitigation is the process or procedure that your lender will use to minimize their financial loss in the event that your mortgage goes into default. Learn more about loss mitigation.

What Is A Short Refi? AKA – Short Refinance

Learn the definition of what is a short refinance or short refi. Short Refi is one of the latest mortgage options that lenders have in helping homeowners stop foreclosure or prevent foreclosure.

Credit Scores and Foreclosure – What Happens To My Credit Scores?

Credit scores go down with a late payment on your mortgage or any reportable credit account. Foreclosure will drop credit scores up to 300 points depending on your credit report.

Short Sale Questions Your Real Estate Agent Should Not Answer

Learn about what you should get expert opinion and advice about during a short sale of your home. Get legal real estate attorney help and tax professional help during the short sale process.

How To Stop Foreclosure – 4 Questions You Must Answer With Your Mortgage Lender

Learn that mortgage companies do not want to foreclose, rather they want to work out your past due mortgage payments. Learn what to say to your lender to get them to work with you.

Foreclosure Options – Behind On My Mortgage Payments

List of foreclosure options or options to foreclosure if you have gotten behind on your mortgage payments. What foreclosure route you take will make a huge difference on your credit and financial recovery.

Foreclosure Versus Short Sale – What Are The Differences?

More and more homeowners are walking away from their underwater mortgages, also known as strategic default. Are there other options? This article looks at differences between foreclosure versus short sale.

Thinking About Walking Away From A Mortgage? Get The Facts First

With the huge number of underwater mortgages today, many are considering walking away from a mortgage. Before you do so, educate yourself on the negative impact to your credit, taxes, employment options and rental possibilities.

Options For Avoiding Foreclosure

Are you facing foreclosure? In the current housing market, many people are looking for foreclosure solutions. Here a some options for avoiding foreclosure.

Options To Help Prevent Foreclosure – Stop Losing My Home To Foreclosure

Learn about the options you have as a home owner and preventing losing your home to foreclosure. Learn what you can do to prevent foreclosure on your home.

To Stop Foreclosure – Ask Your Mortgage Company To Produce The Note

One strategy to stop foreclosure is to ask their mortgage lender to produce the note – the mortgage note – that the mortgage lender should have on file. Read the summary of this process in this article.

Are You In Foreclosure? Options To Help Prevent Losing Your Home

Prevent mortgage foreclosure with Deferment, Forbearance Plan, Repayment Agreement, Partial Claim, Short Sale, or a Deed In Lieu Of Foreclosure. Call your mortgage lender for their help to prevent foreclosure.

Fannie Mae To Halt Foreclosures and Evictions During November 26 to Jan 9

Stopping Foreclosure and Stopping Eviction Temporarily is what Fannie Mae announced. Between November 26, 2008 and January 9, 2009 Fannie Mae has announced that it, and its services – lenders – trustees – foreclosure attorneys – will suspend foreclosure sales and evictions to allow homeowners more time to workout problems and accomplish loan modifications.

How To Bid At A Real Estate Auction

To Bid at a foreclosure real estate auction you must be prepared for fast swift bidding, research, max bid price, cash or cashiers check and knowledge of the auction procedure for your particular auction. Mistakes could cost you part of your deposit or all of it if you are not prepared. Have a Purchase Bidding Strategy when you get there.