Buying A Condominium – What To Consider

Thinking of buying a condominium? It can be an attractive option for an affordable, low-maintenance lifestyle and an alternative to renting. This article discusses some things to take into consideration.

How To Find Foreclosures

Thinking of buying a foreclosed home? There are many on the market these days. Here are some places to look in your foreclosed homes search. This article also discusses drawbacks to buying foreclosed homes.

Do Not Forget To Ask These Questions When Buying A Home

Besides mortgage prequalification, appraisal, home inspection and pest inspections, there are other harder to ask questions when buying a home that you should ask. Learn them in this article.

Finding A Neighborhood Real Estate Specialist

Finding a neighborhood realtor who is knowledgeable about home sales in your specific area can be a critical part of the home buying process. Learn why you should work with a neighborhood real estate specialist.

What Are The Qualifications of the Repeat Home Buyer $6500 Tax Credit?

Learn the qualifications of the repeat home buyer 6500 tax credit. Homeowners who want to purchase a new home in 2010 should speak to a real estate and mortgage professional to determine if they are eligible for the repeat buyer home purchase tax credit.

What Is Procuring Cause? Working With More Than One Real Estate Agent

What Is Procuring Cause? Can I work with more than one real estate agent? Learn How to work with more than one real estate agent at a time.

Reasons To Not Buy A Home

Looking to buy a home – learn reasons for why you may not want to buy a home. No down payment, high debt to income ratio, low credit scores, job security are all reasons to wait to buy a home.

Buying A Home? Tips For Buying In The Off Season

If you want to buy a home cheap, think about when you are going to buy it. Buying in the off season is the best time to buy a house.

How To Negotiate A Better Real Estate Contract

Important tips on how to negotiate a better real estate contract. Be prepared to bargain and ask for what you want when buying a home.

Have You Seen The ReMax TV Commercial Kick About Buying A Home?

Reasons to buy a home now. REMAX TV Commercial Kick shows potential home buyer who waited too long put in an offer to buy a home found a sold sign on the for sale sign in the homes front yard and the person is kicking themselves in the commercial.

HomePath Mortgage Program vs FHA Home Loans – HomePath Advantages With Buying A Home

The HomePath Mortgage Program has advantages over FHA Home Loans when buying a Fannie Mae repossessed home: less down payment, no PMI and no appraisal.

How To Buy A Home Using Fannie Mae HomePath Mortgage Financing – 9 Simple Steps

Mortgage Process and Real Estate Process to buying a home using Fannie Mae HomePath Mortgage Financing Program. Follow these steps to buy a Fannie Mae foreclosed home or HUD home with the HomePath program.

HomePath Mortgage: Home Warranty Service By Old Republic Home Warranty

Home Warranty Protection Service For Fannie Mae HomePath Mortgage Financing Program Provided by Old Republic Home Protection Services, Inc could be free if you purchase a qualified foreclosed Fannie Mae Home or HUD Home.

What Is The Fannie Mae HomePath Mortgage?

Fannie Mae HomePath Mortgage is used by homebuyers and real estate investors to purchase Fannie Mae Foreclosed Homes and HUD Foreclosed Homes. Features and Benefits of the HomePath Mortgage.

Buying HUD Foreclosed Homes Using Fannie Mae HomePath Mortgage

HUD Home Loan Program Through Fannie Mae Home Path Mortgage to Buy HUD Foreclosed Homes and Fannie Mae Repossessed Homes.

Homes For Sale – Arizona Housing Market Ripe For Takeover

Get A Great Deal on Homes For Sale. Arizona Housing Market has a great supply of foreclosed homes which are prime for being purchased by first time home buyers, vacation home buyers and real estate investors.