Bi Weekly Mortgage Loan Programs Explained

Paying your mortgage with a bi-weekly payment plan is easier than it looks and it will save you a lot of money. Anytime you can pay your mortgage early you can save money. Learn more about this loan payment program.

Home Improvement Projects – What You Should Know

Use your home equity line of credit to do home improvement projects. While this is a great way to finance property upgrades, do not expect to get a dollar for dollar return on your investment.

Mortgage Foreclosure Problem? Chairman Bernanke’s Bailout?

Are you kidding me? Builder Beazer Homes stock goes up in the face of trouble because their fines for violating the country’s lending laws is less severe than initially expected. Great reward them with more profits, while the home owners who live in their neighborhoods suffer…

My home value by the appraiser came in lower than expected what can I do?

There are many factors that go into the value of your home that an appraiser comes up with in an appraisal. Given that there are many factors, what can you do if your home value is not what you expected it to be? You do have options.

Do you really win when your online mortgage application is sold to many companies?

Oh Really? When you fill out an internet form for mortgage interest rate comparison website, you will have lenders competing but they may drive you crazy in the process. What you don’t hear about in the advertising is that you will be bombarded by aggressive sales people all trying to earn your business. Unless you like to talk to sales people in your spare time, the process will drive you nuts. In theory it makes great sense.

I Want to Find Out the Value of My Home, How Do I Do It?

You may not like it because it will cost money. But what in life surrounding real estate is really worth having that is completely free? Getting a free online value of a home is pretty easy, but beware of its accuracy. The best way to get this information is still – hire an appraiser.