How To Calculate A Mortgage Payment – A Mortgage Calculation Formula

To Calculate A Mortgage Payment you will need a mortgage formula, calculator, something to write on, mortgage loan amount, house price, interest rate, and length or term of the mortgage. Use this formula to calculate monthly principal and interest payment. Then add taxes and insurance to get full PITI or principal, interest, taxes and insurance monthly payment amount.

Identity Theft – The Fastest Growing Crime In The U.S.

Identity Theft, or ID Theft Is the Fastest growing crime in the U.S. It takes months, sometimes years to recover once your identity has been stolen. Victims spend countless hours restoring their credit reports, credit card and bank accounts. Stop Identity Theft With Preventative Measures.

What Is Yield Spread Premium?

This term Yield Spread Premium is one of the most controversial and misunderstood terms in the mortgage business. Find out why you should run from someone who says that it is bad.

6 Reasons Why Owning A Home Is Good For The Soul And Your Wallet

Owning a home can never be talked about enough. There are so many benefits to owning a home that apply to each of us. But there are some benefits that just cannot be explained. We explore some of each in this article.

Buying a Home With No Money Down in 2008 – What Are My Options?

While there are still some no money down programs available for home buyers, most of these programs will only loan up to 95% of the sales price. The only exception this rule is FHA loans. FHA loans call be structured so that you can get into a home with no money out of your pocket.

Mortgage Tips For Buying a Home In 2008

Buying a Home in 2008? Believe it or not, it is not completely terrible out there for getting financing and find the right home. If you are in the market to buy a home, here are some simple tips to help guide your way.

Should I Continue to Rent – Or Should I Buy My Dream Home Now

Although it does seem to make sense to wait for home values and mortgage interest rates to bottom out you might want to reconsider. Two things to consider are presented in this article.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Property in Florida

Moving to Florida for many is a lifetime dream come true. However, finding the right home can be challenging. Florida is a mixing pot of people and weather which require one to be diligent to get the right home at the right price. This article provides tips for buying a home to help keep you out of trouble.

How Can I Buy a Home In Arizona With No Money Down

With all the bad news in the media about the housing market for sellers, what is not talked about is what this means to someone looking to buy a home. There are a ton of great real estate deals on the market. You can also buy a home with no money out of your pocket. This is a great time to become a homeowner if you are still renting.

Expenses During The Mortgage Loan Process Explained Part 3

This is part 3 of 3 in a series of articles discussing the expenses of getting a mortgage for buying a home or for refinancing your current mortgage. Some expenses in the mortgage process are unavoidable and have to be paid.

Expenses During The Mortgage Loan Process Explained Part 1

So you are shopping for a mortgage. Have you been asked to pay an application fee? Did you pay it? Is it refundable? These items are addressed in this article. Some expenses are good to pay and others are not. This is part 1 of 3 covering the expenses of getting a home purchase or refinance mortgage.

Buying A Home With No Money Down – How Do I Qualify?

Believe it or not, there are still some very good mortgage programs out there for folks who have no money for down payment or closing costs. Learn what you need to qualify for this loan program. If you are purchasing a home with this loan program it is helpful to use a Realtor who can negotiate some seller assistance to pay for some of your closing costs.

Should I Rent or Buy a Home? Am I Ready to be a Homeowner?

Rent or buy a home? If you can swing it, owning a home leads to much faster wealth and net worth accumulation than renting. This is according to David Bach, the author of The Automatic Millionaire, he suggests…

What is a Home Appraisal and Why Do I Need One?

One of the key pieces of any mortgage transaction is the residential appraisal. There are many other reasons for why you might need to hire an appraiser.

I Don’t Have Perfect Credit, What Can I Do For A Mortgage?

What can I do for a mortgage? Have a blip in your credit, or employment situation along the way? What options do you have for a mortgage? Lenders understand this and have developed mortgage loan programs that allow for these blips to allow you to qualify for a mortgage.

Should I Use A Mortgage Broker?

Use a Mortgage Broker, or at least get a quote from one. Mortgage brokers are competitive and flexible. But keep them honest by getting several quotes.