Check Loan Officer or Mortgage Broker Licensing And Background Status

You can use the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System Consumer Access System to check the federal and state licensing status, criminal record, and work history of your mortgage loan officer. NMLS Consumer Access.

How To Get Your Annual Credit Score Free

Knowing your credit score and the contents of your credit report is a critical first step in qualifying for a mortgage or any kind of loan. Find out how to get your credit score free.

Mortgage Shopping Tips To Get The Right Mortgage

Mortgage Shopping Tips – Finding a mortgage for your new home is a critical, complex process. Here are some basic mortgage shopping tips to make the home financing process simpler.

What Price House Can I Afford? Deciding To Buy Or Not

What Price House Can I Afford is answered by determining what mortgage payment do you want to make or are you qualified to make based on mortgage program guidelines. Mortgage calculators can help you determine house price and monthly payment.

Housing Authority – Housing Agency State by State Listings For Home Buyers

Home Buying Resource: A State by State Compilation of Housing Authorities and Housing Agencies offering down payment assistance and first time home buyer programs.

Where Can I Get A HomePath Mortgage To Buy A HUD Foreclosed Home?

Where To Get A Fannie Mae HomePath Mortgage. Special HomePath Financing Program only available through Fannie Mae approved lenders. Use HomePath Financing to purchase HUD Homes and Fannie Mae Foreclosed Homes.

Pre Qualify Mortgage? – Pre Qualifying Is Key First Step In Buying A New Home

Pre Qualify before you buy a new home. If you want to buy a home the first step is to pre qualify for a mortgage. Learn what payment, what programs, and how much down payment you must have to qualify for a mortgage.

What Is The Federal Recapture Tax For Home Owners?

The Federal Recapture Tax for home owners is a tax that may be assessed to homeowners who buy a home using a mortgage program that is funded by the Federal Mortgage Revenue Bond system. These mortgage programs are the common first time home buyer programs that most state housing authorities offer to low to moderate income homebuyers.

Considerations When Buying A Home – Renting Vs Buying

Renting Vs Buying is one of many Considerations When Buying A Home. Are you ready for homeownership? Being a homeowner requires more responsibility than renting. Owning a home leads to wealth accumulation, but so can renting.

Get Pre-Approved For Your Mortgage Before You Find A Home

Make sure that you speak to several loan officers to get pre-approved before you find a home. Getting Pre-Approved gives you peace of mind that you can go find a home that you want to buy with confidence knowing you have your mortgage already in the bag. Remember this tip: loan program first – interest rate second.

Own A Home And Want To Buy A New Home – How To Qualify?

If you own a home and are thinking of buying a new one you should be aware of recent qualification requirements. If you plan on keeping your home as a rental you may qualify for a new home as long as you meet certain requirements. Meet with a mortgage lender to get your loan approved first before signing any sales contract for a new home.

Mortgage Rates And the Real Estate Markets in Late 2008?

Mortgage Interest Rates Are Down in September of 2008 with the US Government take over of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Underwriting guidelines are more strict since mortgage crash of 2007 means it is harder to qualify for a mortgage. Real estate market will have to correct itself with decrease in homes for sale inventory.

How Does Debt Affect My Ability To Qualify For A Mortgage?

Debt Can Impact Qualifying For A Mortgage. Too much debt impacts debt to income ratios. Bad debt impacts credit reports and credit scores. Pay down debt to qualify, make more money to qualify for a mortgage. Refinance car loans and student loans to reduce monthly payments to lower debt to qualify.

Trying To Buy A Home With Minor Credit Problems

Buying a Home With Minor Credit Problems Will Take Time and Work to Restore Credit History and Scores. FHA Homes Loans are your first loan option. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are your next options. Start buying a home with your credit report, talk to a mortgage loan officer approved for FHA home loans.

Recovering From Bad Credit – Rebuild Your Credit Before Applying For A Mortgage

Rebuilding your credit and credit scores takes time following bad credit problems. Rebuilding your credit is essential to applying for a mortgage to buy a home or refinance your mortgage. You need credit to rebound your credit scores. A quick way to rebuild your credit is with a secured credit card.

Buyer Blunders That May Cost You Your Dream Home

With real estate home buying in a slump there are many opportunities for a great deal on a home to buy. The Time is right to negotiate aggressively, but smartly. Sellers want to sell their home, but do not want to be insulted. Do your homework, negotiate face to face if possible and find more home buying tips to keep your home buying efforts on the right track.