Idealizing Buying A Home – No Longer the American Dream?

Time Magazine in September 2010 wrote an article that argued against buying a home and homeownership. The Time article hinted the notion that the American Dream should no longer be homeownership. Here are some of their reasons:

Too many Americans have put too much of their income into making their house payment thus weakening individual and national financial stability.
Homeownership has hallowed out cities and kept "renters out of the best neighborhoods"
Americans have overused energy and oil (our addition – to live in the burbs and drive big SUV’s)
Those who have lost jobs have had to look harder, move, walk away from their homes to get a new job (our addition – an ugly catch 22)

These are reasons as to why homeownership has a black eye. We at don’t think that homeownership is for everyone – rather it is for anyone who wants to be a homeowner for whatever their reasons.
Our intent with our website is to provide the best education we possibly can to help anyone looking at becoming a homeowner the ability to make better financial decisions. If someone decides to not become a homeowner as a result of reading something here then we have done them a service. If you find your way to homeowner through what you find here on GetPrequalified, then we say: Great, congratulations!