Know Your Mortgage Loan Terms

Do you know what your mortgage loan requirements are? Find out your lending requirements before you buy. Learn here what to ask your lender.

Fannie Mae Homepath Mortgage Now Offering Closing Cost Assistance

Learn details of Fannie Mae Homepath Mortgage Closing Cost Assistance of 3.5%. Closing cost assistance is now available from Fannie Mae for their Homepath Mortgage program to help sell more Fannie Mae repossessed homes – Fannie Mae REO homes. Good news for Phoenix AZ homebuyers.

Mortgage Loan Documents You Will Need To Get A Loan

Here is a checklist of mortgage loan documents to gather for your lender. Be prepared with the right mortgage documentation before you start shopping for a loan.

What Fees Can Change? New 2010 Good Faith Estimate – GFE Changes

Learn what fees can change on the good faith estimate that you got when you applied for a mortgage to buy a home or refinancing your home mortgage. HUD changes the Good Faith Estimate in 2010 to reflect better information for consumers.

Good Faith Estimate Changes for 2010 – Great For Home Buyers

Summary of Good Faith Estimate Changes for 2010 – Loan Program Detail Disclosure, Acceptable Changes to Fees Explained, No Cost Mortgage Comparison Disclosed.

Using a Mortgage Calculator To Qualify For A Mortgage

Learn how to use a mortgage calculator to determine how much you can afford on a mortgage, how long for a mortgage term, compare the differences between mortgage types, how much you can borrow.

Lease To Buy Agreement – Key Contract Points To Protect Yourself

Use lease to buy agreement to buy a home. Protect your down payment and expectations about qualifying for a mortgage with several key components to include.

Lease To Buy Home Purchase Option Good For Bad Credit Homebuyers

A lease to buy home purchase contract a good option for homebuyers with bad credit. Use a lease purchase to buy a home if you have bad credit from prior credit problems including foreclosure and bankruptcy.

Value A Home With An Appraisal – The Rules Have Changed For Mortgage Brokers

How Appraisals are ordered to value a home has been changed. Mortgage brokers can no longer order an appraisal directly from an appraiser or appraisal company – rather through a appraisal management company appointed by a respective mortgage lender.

Considering An Adjustable Rate Mortgage – 5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Ask These Questions About Your Financial Situation as you evaluate getting an adjustable rate mortgage. ARMs are good mortgage programs if you are prepared.

How To Find A Loan Officer For A Mortgage?

To find a loan officer you need to shop around. Learn the characteristics of a good loan officer to help you find the right mortgage loan officer.

Fixed Rate Mortgage Vs Adjustable Rate Mortgage

To Pick the best mortgage you will need to know the differences between a fixed rate mortgage and an adjustable rate mortgage. Learn the pros and cons of each and what the fixed rate mortgage and adjustable rate mortgage are by reading this article from

What Is The Best Mortgage?

To Pick What Is The Best Mortgage consider your mortgage interest rate risk preferences, what your family and personal needs and wants are, your credit report and credit scores, and what kind of down payment needs you have. Learn about mortgage programs from

What Is An Escrow Account?

Find out what is an escrow account. Mortgage escrow accounts handle paying real estate taxes and home owners insurance on behalf of the homeowner. Learn how an escrow account works.

Government Agency Housing And Mortgage Resources to Help You Get Assistance

Need Help about your mortgage or other financial problem from a Government Agency but not sure where to start. Use this Government Agency Housing Resources Article to assist with getting started.

Mortgage Rate Predictions – Interest Rate Forecast – Are You Waiting?

Mortgage Rate Predictions and Interest Rate Forecasts could cost you the opportunity to get a good mortgage rate to refinance your home or buy a house. Do not miss buying a home or refinancing your mortgage based on a forecast. Mortgage rates are going to go up or go down, there is always an opportunity to correct your loan parameters.