Mortgage Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a Mortgage

Reviewing mortgage documents

Mortgage lending is a tough business – especially with the new lending laws going into effect in 2015 4th quarter. Not all lenders are created equal which can make navigating a mortgage loan applicationĀ a hair pulling experience. One thing to always remember – not all lenders are created equal – and while there are specific […]

Back To Work Extenuating Circumstances – FHA Wait Period Update

FHA Back to Work – Extenuating Circumstances program changes the waiting periods for some individuals and households who have suffered economic hardship over the past few years. Wait times have been shortened to a minimum of 1 year.

4 Important Program Features To Know When Getting A Mortgage

Mortgage program features to know about when getting a mortgage. When getting a mortgage interest rate, points, fees, fixed, adjustable, interest only make a difference.

Second Chance Loans To Buy A House In Arizona

Second Chance Home Loan in Arizona. Learn requirements to qualify for a mortgage immediately after a short sale, foreclosure, or bankruptcy. Close with 2 weeks.

Zero Cost Mortgages – No Cost Mortgage – Are They Good?

Zero Cost Mortgages – No Cost Mortgage – Are They Good? Only you can decide if you want to pay a higher interest rate so that you don’t have to pay closing costs on your mortgage. All mortgages have costs associated with them.

The VA Vendee Financing Program – A No Down Payment Alternative

Both veterans and non-veterans can now take advantage of the VA Vendee Financing Program, which offers some of the benefits of the VA home loan, such as no down payment.

Introducing: Justin McHood: America’s Mortgage Commentator

Meet Justin McHood – America’s Mortgage Commentator. Justin has years of mortgage experience and is a mortgage commentator on Zillow, Biggerpockets and many other websites and blogs. He has also been featured in Forbes, AOL, and ABC.

Fannie Mae Guideline Changes 2010 – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Review of Fannie Mae Guideline Changes for how Fannie Mae will underwrite mortgages starting in Dec 2010. Fannie Mae mortgage requirements will make it harder for most people to qualify while one rule change will help with down payment assistance and borrowers receiving gift funds.

Veterans Administration Home Loans – How They Could Be Improved

The VA home loan program has always been one of the best mortgage programs around for veterans. Even so, there are some features that VA loan experts think could be changed. This article talks about how the VA home loan program could be improved.

The National Stabilization Program in Arizona: Mortgage Assistance Program For Foreclosed Homes

Looking to buy a foreclosed home in Arizona? The National Stabilization Program is a mortgage assistance program that provides federal loans and downpayment assistance.

The FHA 203k Loan vs. Fannie Mae’s HomePath Renovation Mortgage: A Comparison

If you are looking to buy a foreclosure, you may have heard about the FHA 203k Loan and Fannie Mae’s HomePath Renovation Mortgage, and wondered if one of them would work for you. This article outlines features of both programs.

Find A Homepath Mortgage Lender – Homepath Mortgage Financing

Find Homepath Mortgage Financing Mortgage Lenders. Summary Homepath Mortgage Lender list from Fannie Mae Homepath Mortgage Website.

Mortgage Application Checklist – Information Needed For Your Mortgage Application

Mortgage application checklist to help with your mortgage application process with any mortgage company. Review our mortgage loan information.

How Much Can I Afford: Mortgage?

How much can I afford for a mortgage is best answered or determined by your personal household budget. How much can you afford without making sacrifices? Then get qualified with your mortgage lender.

Does Your Mortgage Broker Have A Mortgage Broker Surety Bond?

To determine whether your mortgage broker is a legitimate mortgage broker company, most wholesale lenders require their mortgage brokers customers to have a mortgage surety bond.

Short Sales: Pandora or Panacea – Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program On The Way

Short Sale Process according to the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program to be standardized consistent and uniform in order to stabilize the short sale process and housing market.