Housing Market Update – June 2012

Summary us US Housing Markets and review of FHA Streamline Refinance Program. Learn more about what is happening in the US Housing Market and the FHA Streamline Refinance Program.

Why Real Estate Agents Need Errors and Omissions Insurance in 2011

If the real estate market rebounds in 2011 or 2012, real estate agents will need to protect their businesses with E&O Insurance.

Are You Saving Enough For Retirement?

Is your retirement savings plan enough to see you through your retirement? Most Americans are financially unprepared for retirement.

The Disappearing Middle Class

Most Americans identify themselves with the middle class. But is the middle class, and the way of life we call the American Dream, disappearing?

Home Owner Credit Crisis – Some Of The Causes

Why Homeowners Are Having Problems Making Their Mortgage Payments or running into financial difficulty when they never have before.

Budget Saving Do It Yourself Moving Tips

Do It Yourself Moving Tips to save your budget for a small move or long distance. Moving Services from a cheap moving service to a nationwide moving company can cost you a fortune. Our tips can help you save money on a do it yourself move.

Engaged To Be Married – Managing Finances Tips

Advice: Financial – Managing Your Money And Managing Finances While Getting Married Requires Careful Conversation And Patience Consider A Home Budgeting Software

Smart Money Management Strategies for Removing Bad Debt and Stress from Your Life

Money Management Strategies to remove bad debt from your financial portfolio to help you live a more stress free life.

Women And Money And Investing – Need Confidence Know How And Advice

Many Women handle their money and their family finances whether they are single married or divorced need to seek out investment advice for investing their money from a professional financial advisor then family and friends.

Getting Married – Do You Know Their Credit Scores?

The FreeCreditReport.com commercial showing a couple who got together but did not pay attention to credit reports is a great example of how important it is to check your credit report and credit scores before you get married so you can fix and credit problems you may have before it is too late.

Married? Is Your Financial Future Secure?

Married women are very vulnerable when it comes to their financial futures. Common to married women are careers put on hold, education suspended until later, in an effort to take care of a family and support their husbands. This tendency puts many women on the uphill financial battle if they should suddenly find themselves divorced.

US Citizens Need Their Own Spending Cut – Not Just The Government

Each U.S. citizen can save money by following some of the cost cutting suggestions found in this article. The American Way of living beyond our means is dead. Live within your means and live a happy life.

New Years Resolutions – Top 10 Goals

Top 10 Goals to Make Top Ten New Years Resolutions about Personal Financial Goals. Review our Top 10 Resolutions when setting your financial goals instead of trying to lose weight, change your diet, or some other form of New Year Resolution.

Saving Money By Comparison Shopping And Lists

There are many ways to save money on everyday items likes clothing and food. This article covers some unique ways to keep track of pricing, trends. You can also learn more about comparison shopping, make deals, bargains and other ways to save money on the essentials around the home.

Online Shopping Versus Brick And Mortar

Which is best – online shopping or the old fashioned way at the brick and mortar store? There does not seem to be any one answer to the point that shopping online versus at the store may just be left to preference, convenience and lifestyle.

Save Money Shopping – Know Where And Why

Saving money is on the top of many people’s minds. One place to save money is where you shop and who you shop with. Here are some suggestions of money saving places to shop. Also, it is not always about the products, it is also about a store’s customer service policy.