Options To Leave Your Home – KnowYourOptions.com By Fannie Mae

Washington DC August 2010 – Homeowners and consumers looking for reliable education about options to leave your home and that might be available to help them avoid foreclosure can now visit a brand new website launched by Fannie Mae called: KnowYourOptions.com.
Even after several years of effort in trying to educate homeowners and consumers about their options to avoid foreclosure, many homeowners are still in the dark so to speak when it comes to what they can do to save their home, or walk away with the least amount of harm to their financial future and credit.
To back this up and to explain why Fannie Mae launched this site, Fannie Mae states on their website KnowYourOptions.com:
Many homeowners still don’t know about — or understand — their options to avoid foreclosure. In fact, many homeowners who are seriously delinquent or have gone through foreclosure have little to no contact with their mortgage company.
Identifying accurate sources of information and finding the right answers can be a difficult challenge for homeowners facing hardship. That’s why our goal in creating KnowYourOptions.com was to provide distressed homeowners with a one-stop shop for easy to understand, consumer-friendly information on the range of options for avoiding foreclosures, from refinancing to repayment plans, forbearance, short sales, and deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure.

Fannie Mae’s website compliments what homeowners and consumers can find on the websites of many lenders, housing counseling centers, and other authorities such as GetPreQualified.com.
Hopefully with Fannie Mae’s message in addition to the numerous other advisor sites on the net, consumers and homeowners can finally get the quality credible information they need to make some informed decisions about their financial future as it pertains to their home and mortgage situation.
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