Mortgage Runaround – Why Hire A Loan Modification Attorney

The mortgage loan modification process is frustrating and confusing for many people trying to navigate their way through their mortgage company to get to the right department and to a decision maker. Getting help with with your loan mod through hiring a loan modification attorney might the answer you need to save your home from foreclosure.
Have you been working on your own loan modification? If so, how is it going? Are you making progress? Are you running into any of the following scenarios from your mortgage company?

We Will Call You Back

We Did Not Get Your Paperwork

Your Paperwork Went To The Wrong Department

Can You Please Send Your Loan Mod Paperwork Again?

When Did You Send Your Loan Modification Paperwork?

What Did You Send Again?

Who Did You Send Your Loan Modification Request To?

How Did You Send It?

We Never Got Your Message

If you have heard any of these at least once, and perhaps several times it may be time for you to consider moving forward with hiring a loan modification attorney to handle your loan modification for you.
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Why Hire A Loan Modification Attorney?

Your house is your house, it doesn’t belong to the loan modification attorney. As such, the attorney doesn’t have the emotional attachment to your situation like you do. Personal attachment to your home and mortgage and the threat of losing it can be a very difficult situation to be in which could cause you to be angry, unclear, unfocused, and not at the top of your negotiating game.

Since Loan Modification Attorneys are removed from the emotional side of your situation, they can effectively talk to your mortgage company and effectively negotiate the deal that best works for you. Your attorney won’t necessarily settle for the first deal that comes along especially if they know that they can negotiate a better deal on your behalf.

Lenders are responsive to potential lawsuits. Believe it or not, just about every mortgage has the potential to be some sort of legal lawsuit against the lender – and lenders know this. Since they know that an attorney can sue them, they are more likely to have a timely response to a loan modification request that they make versus what a homeowner might make on their own behalf.

A good loan modification attorney can analyze your current mortgage loan documents to look for inconsistencies or federal mortgage law paperwork violations. Incorrect loan documents can lead in some cases to your mortgage being closed and all of your money that you have paid to your mortgage company refunded to you. In other cases, incorrect loan documents can be used by your attorney get your current mortgage company to work with you because your current mortgage doesn’t want to get sued.

If you are investigating mortgage modification programs on the Internet then you will find this process often referred to as a Forensic File Audit (or some variation of this phrase).