Loan Modification Or Refinance With Making Home Affordable – Important Update

With the recent passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 mortgage lenders and mortgage servicing companies were encouraged to step up their loan modification programs and loan refinance efforts through the Federal Making Home Affordable Program. Many lenders and servicing companies have responded and are beginning to increase their efforts to help their customers with preventing foreclosures.
Below is a list of the mortgage companies and mortgage servicing companies who have publicly acknowledged their participation in the Making Home Affordable Loan Modification and Loan Refinance program.

Aurora Loan Services LLC   1-800-550-0508

Bank of America, N.A.   1-800-846-2222

Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC   1-888-267-2417

Chase Financial LLC   1-866-550-5705

CitiMortgage, Inc.   1-866-915-9417

Countrywide Home Loans Servicing LP   1-800-669-6607

GMAC Mortgage LLC   1-800-766-4622

Green Tree Servicing LLC   1-800-643-0202

Home Loan Services, Inc.   1-800-622-5035

Ocwen Financial Corporation, Inc.   1-800-746-2936

Saxon Mortgage Services   1-800-594-8422

Select Portfolio Servicing   1-888-818-6032

Wells Fargo Bank, NA   1-800-678-7986

Wilshire Credit Corporation   1-888-502-0100