Do I Have To Pay To Get My Mortgage Modified?

At any time, your mortgage company can modify your mortgage. Sometimes they charge a fee for this and sometimes they don’t. Where you are going to run into trouble with your loan modification is getting results. You may not have to pay if you do it yourself, but if you use a loan modification company to help you, you may have to pay a fee – it is likely. One of the best loan modification companies to use is one that uses an attorney to do the work. Loan Modification Attorneys get the job done pretty efficiently. But, they charge a fee.

Get Started With A Loan Modification By Calling Your Lender First

If you need to start a mortgage modification with your mortgage company, our first suggestion is to first educate yourself about the loan modification process in depth. The loan mod process needs delicate attention on your part to enable you to get the best deal for you.
Once you have educated yourself, you should call your mortgage company and remain on the line until you speak to a manager or a decision maker. If they offer to call you back offer that you’ll wait as long as it takes on hold until some gets free. If you have to leave a message do so, but call back as soon as you can to repeat talking to someone. If this doesn’t work after about 4 weeks you may consider hiring a loan mod attorney.

If Calling Doesn’t Work – Hire A Loan Modification Attorney

If you need to work something out financially with the attorney to get your loan modification program – no matter if it is Wells Fargo, CitiBank, Chase, Countrywide, Bank of America, GMAC, or your local credit union, cut a deal and get started.