What Happens When The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act Expires?

The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act is set to expire at the end of 2012. This act protects homeowners who sell their home through a short sale protection again an IRS 1099 claim from their mortgage company. Learn how to protect yourself.

Mortgage Assistance Relief Services-MARS-Requires Clear Disclosures From Foreclosure Rescue Companies

The Federal Trade Commission has enacted the Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rule that regulates how foreclosure relief companies, and even real estate agents who advertise for short sales must conduct their advertising among other things. Make sure you protected.

Options To Leave Your Home – KnowYourOptions.com By Fannie Mae

Summary of KnowYourOptions.com an educational homeowner and consumer resource by Fannie Mae for homeowners to learn about options to leaving their home in the face of foreclosure.

What Should I Do If I Miss A Mortgage Payment Due To Financial Hardship?

Knowing what to do if you miss a mortgage payment or may miss a payment to your mortgage lender is critical to saving your home from foreclosure and keeping your credit in tact. Call you lender and get professional help are two of your first steps to take if you have fallen behind or you are faced with maybe falling behind on your mortgage.

HAMP Program – Home Affordable Modification Program

Eligibility Summary of the federal Home Affordable Mortgage Program called HAMP. HAMP is designed to help homeowners stop foreclosure through a loan modification.

For Loan Modification: Requirements – Tips For What To Do

Knowing the loan modification process and loan modification requirements is essential to a successful mortgage loan modification. Learn loan modification and requirements before you start a loan modification request and process.

Loan Modification: Important Industry Terms You Should Know

Learn the most important terms about loan modifications. Educational information about getting a loan modification on your home mortgage. Learn first, then get a home loan modification.

Loan Modification Or Refinance With Making Home Affordable – Important Update

Mortgage Servicing Companies and Mortgage Companies step up Making Home Affordable Loan Modification and Refinance Programs in response to President Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Loan Modification – Three Questions You Must Answer In Your Financial Hardship Letter

Writing a good loan modification hardship letter is key to getting your loan modification request accepted by your mortgage lender. You need to tell your lender: what happened that caused the hardship, has it cleared up, are you now financially stable, why did you fall behind.

Negotiating A Loan Modification – How to Negotiate With Your Lender

Negotiate with your lender by doing your due diligence, gathering your financial paperwork, have a negotiation plan, prepare a before and after loan modification scenario spreadsheet, and keep your cool by not blaming anyone.

Foreclosure Loss Mitigation – The Help You Need To Save Your House

Use Loss Mitigation To Save Your House From Foreclosure. Hire a Loss Mitigation Consultant. Loss Mitigation is a process between a homeowner and the mortgage lender to save the homeowner’s from foreclosure through mortgage loan modification, repayment plan, forbearance plan, deed in lieu of foreclosure, or short sale.

Write a Mortgage Loan Modification Financial Hardship Letter

Save Your Home with a loan modification. Write a financial hardship letter to submit with your mortgage loan modification paperwork to your mortgage lender.

Save My House With A Forensic Mortgage Loan Document Audit?

The Forensic Mortgage Loan Document Audit is one part of the loan modification process that can be used to save my house.

Mortgage Runaround – Why Hire A Loan Modification Attorney

Weaving through the mortgage lender legal department and loss mitigation department takes knowing how to maneuver and what to send, to whom, and when. Sometimes getting a mortgage loan modification just takes an extra push with your own legal representation – hire a loan modification attorney.

Do I Have To Pay To Get My Mortgage Modified?

You May Have To Pay For A Loan Modification For Your Mortgage. Calling Your Mortgage Company may be a slow and nerve wracking experience. If you need fast results you could get help, one option is to hire a loan modification attorney.

Items You Need To Start A Loan Modification Program

Preventing Foreclosure With a Loan Modification Program requires preparation ahead of time before you call your mortgage lender, hire a loan mod company, or hire a loan modification attorney. Learn what items you need to get started.