What Is Skilled Nursing Care Versus Non Skilled Care?

Skilled Nursing Care is care that is provided either at home, or in a nursing home environment. Technically speaking, skilled care is care that must be provided, or can only be provided by specially designed facilities operated by individuals that have technical or professional backgrounds like doctors, physical therapists, RN – registered nurses, LPN – licensed practical nurses, and other skilled health care providers. Typically, skilled care is provided in a facility, such as a skilled care nursing home or rehabilitation center, but it is possible to get skilled care at home.

Skilled Nursing Care Is Short Term – Long Term Care Is Non Skilled Nursing
Skilled care is generally considered short term care and isn’t the type of care generally covered by a long term care insurance policy. Skilled care is designed to get the individual back on their feet (so to speak) so that they can function with the assistance of non-skilled nursing either through family or through some sort of paid assistance.

In cases where an individual has a physical limitation like rheumatoid arthritis where the daily tasks of living are difficult if not impossible it is not necessary to have skilled nursing care. In these cases, non-skilled nursing care is most likely the appropriate type of long term care that one will need. It is considered long term care as the arthritis is most likely not going to be cured and the individual will need in home living assistance almost for certain for the remainder of their life. In the case where an individual has to hire or pay for assisted living home care over time and can get that care through non-skilled sources the individual can pay or help pay for these expenses with a long term care insurance policy.