Insurance For Cancer – Get Cancer Insurance To Help Pay For Expenses

About 20 years ago an insurance agent stopped by my husband’s trucking terminal to talk with any available truckers concerning a little-known type of insurance called AFLAC Cancer Expense Protection. My husband decided to listen and later we had a private visit with the agent due to our interest. My father and brother had both died from cancer and so we were aware of the importance of checking into insurance for cancer.
Lately, I’ve spoken with many people, just casually mentioning insurance and familiar types that people carry such as life, homeowner’s, car, renter’s insurance, major-medical, and some carry special insurance for valuables such as jewelry, hunting equipment, sporting goods, boats, etc. However, I found so very few ever mention they carry cancer insurance, yet this disease is so prevalent and there are so few families or individuals who haven’t been touched by someone whose had cancer.

Hospital Confinement And First Occurrence Benefit

We are so thankful that we applied for coverage all those years ago. They did and still do, offer other types insurance and additional benefits you can carry such as Hospital Confinement and First Occurrence Benefit. Our cancer insurance policy covers radiation and chemotherapy, surgery, anesthesia, blood transfusions as well as transportation costs if needed to travel at least 100 miles from home for cancer treatment if medical services aren’t available where you live. This runs about 50 cents a mile, round trip and there’s also some coverage towards cost of overnight stay in a motel for a family member. There are many other benefits, but too numerous to mention.

Consider Low Cost Prescription RX Choice Plan

After becoming an AFLAC member, they offered a low cost prescription RX Choice plan for a small one-time-only fee and list over 50 pharmacies nationwide that honor their plan. At the time we joined, this fee was $15.00 as a one-time only payment. We are still getting discounts on prescriptions 20 years later!
In 1997 I developed kidney cancer which was a total shock, as a routine chest xray revealed the tumor. At the time I was on a major-medical policy and between the benefits paid from that company and AFLAC, my bills were completely covered and within several weeks of submitting the claim form. I didn’t have to send all the billing statements, just a pathology report and the hospital’s statement showing date of cancer surgery and length of hospitalization which was about 6 days.

AFLAC Paid Our Cancer Insurance Benefits Immediately Each Time I Had Cancer

Then again in 2003, I was diagnosed with breast cancer which necessitated a mastectomy and in 2005, again had 3 tumors removed from my remaining kidney. Never had any problem whatsoever in collecting benefits from any of my 3 cancers, nor the transportation nor motel expenses on the third surgery which was over 300 miles away.
The years between we are paid $75.00 a year when having a cancer screening wellness test, which could be a chest xray, mammogram or PSA test for a man, although there are other tests mentioned which the wellness benefit covers. On the claim form we only mark an X on the test we had done and state the place of service, doctor’s name and phone number. Within 2 weeks we receive our checks back in the mail.
There are so many other praises I could give concerning our carrying this type insurance, but it was such a wise investment! Our premiums at our senior ages run $91.00 a month for both of us and are automatically withdrawn monthly from our checking account, at our request. Originally, we paid about $48.00 but it is only reasonable that premiums raise as you age. As long as you don’t already have cancer it is likely that you could qualify for this type of policy.
If interested in this type protection, you can call the AFLAC Home office at 1-800-992-3522, Monday-Friday, 8 AM-8 PM. to answer any questions you might have and to locate your nearest agent.
Should you decide on investing in cancer expense protection and are ever diagnosed with this dreadful disease, I truly believe the cancer benefits you receive and the wonderful service from the company will make you extremely grateful you made the choice. I know, I’ve been through all of this three times and have only good and positive comments to make for the service I’ve received through my illnesses.