Am I Covered – Mishaps Not Covered By Your Homeowners Hazard Insurance

If you are new to homeowners insurance, like you are a first time home buyer and are buying your first home you need to know what homeowners insurance does not cover so you can get proper coverage. Just about all of these items can be covered by some type of high risk insurance policy. You will have to arrange for them separately.
In some cases, like flood insurance, earthquake and landslide insurance your mortgage company may even require you to get it in order to get your mortgage. Your loan officer will let you know if you will need to seek any additional insurance policies outside of what is normally covered with a standard hazard insurance policy.

In Home Mishaps Probably Not Covered By Your Home Insurance Policy

Dog Attacks – If you own a Pit Bull or plan on it, make sure you have supplemental coverage just in case Fido gets a happy mouth. You normal policy will not normally cover canine bites.

Owner Negligence – As part of being a homeowner it is expected that you will keep up with the maintenance and inspections necessary in your home. If you let termites go untreated and then have a problem with wood damage you could be on the hook for fixing any termite damage on your own. Do not get this confused with a hot water heater that springs a leak. Many home insurance policies will cover a leaking hot water heater.

Kids Toys Like A Trampoline – Many many personal injuries have resulted from trampolines. So much so that many home owners insurance companies will not insure them at all, and may even cancel your policy if they find out that you have one. If you must have this playground hazard, do your homework first to see if your insurance carrier has any objections before you buy one.

Intentional Damage By Someone Living In the Home – This may go without saying, but causing intentional damage to one’s home is not a good idea if you expect to have your insurance policy cover it. This includes anyone living in the home.

Mold Problems – Mold problems fall into the neglect category for many home insurance carriers. It is not like you wake up one morning with a mold problem. Mold happens over time and typically happens because the homeowner did not keep up with maintenance to keep the water out.

Luxury Things – You got expensive jewelry and furs you will want to get a specific policy to cover your nice material things. Many insurance companies will only cover a very small portion of the value of your precious items. Make sure you contact your insurance agent to get a quote on keeping your treasures safe.

Outside Circumstances You Cannot Necessarily Control Perhaps Not Covered

Sewage Damage – You can usually get a rider to cover sewage backups into your home as sewage in your home is not usually covered by standard policies.

Floods – Flood insurance is definitely not covered in a standard home insurance policy. During the mortgage loan process, your mortgage company will certify whether your home is in or not located in a flood zone requiring flood insurance for the mortgage. Flood insurance can be expensive, but you may have to get it so be prepared for it.

Earthquakes and Landslides – Just like flood insurance, most standard home policies do not cover earthquake and landslide (earth movement) disasters. Make sure if you live in a area prone for these types of disasters that you have your insurance agent prove you with information about riders or additional policy coverage to ensure you are covered.

Power Outages – Sad to say this one, but having your home computer blown up by a power surge caused by a lightning strike is considered neglect. Everyone knows, or should know, to protect your electronic equipment from power surges during a thunderstorm you should unplug them from your power circuits as well as your cable connection. Electricity has a funny way of travelling along any type of metal cable it can find when its boost comes from the power of a lightning bolt.

With these items in front of you, you should get the idea that if you have a question about something being covered in your policy you would serve and protect yourself and your family by a quick inquiry with insurance agent to find out if you have proper coverage. Do not get caught with having to pay for it when you least expect it.