Richard Branson Started Virgin Fuels To Help Stop Climate Change

Richard Branson started new company Virgin Fuels to help stop climate change. Richard Branson is the billionaire that originally started Virgin Records. I have forgiven him for his TV flop the Rebel Billionaire. It was really awful. Hopefully he will have a lot of success with his new renewable energy and alternative fuel venture. In fact he is betting 3 billion dollars of his own money that he can help solve the climate crisis. The money will be spent over the next 10 years.
He definitely has an ear for music but this may not translate into success in the energy business. Branson has proven that he can be versatile across a wide array of businesses. Just look at Virgin Airlines. The airline industry can be one of the toughest industries to make a successful company out of. He has conquered this industry, and then some, with his airline Virgin Atlantic.

Biofuels To Replace Fossil Fuels Within 30 Years
Virgin Fuels could be his most risky venture to date. He is heading into uncharted waters with this one. Branson insists that biofuels are a needed near term solution to fossil fuels and climate change. He feels that alternative fuels could completely replace conventional fossil fuels within the next 30 years.

Private Industry And Entrepreneurs Need To Step Up
Richard Branson said that what sets the climate crisis apart from other crises is that you cannot see CO2 in the atmosphere. It is quietly coming upon us fast and if we do not do something about it soon, it may be too late to turn the clock back. The world needs leaders like Richard Branson to take a public stand about making an impact on our fragile planet’s climate. The world’s Governments may not be able to make a difference fast enough. It mafey take entrepreneurs and businesses to lead the way for saving the planet. Branson has recently announced a test plan to tow his Virgin aircraft from the gates to the runways so they do not have to burn fuel while they wait to take off.

High Fuel Prices Hurt Business But Force Habit Change
Branson was asked if he hopes that fuel prices remain high. He said that as an airline owner it is a disaster but in forcing people to make a change it is imperative. If fuel remains low, people will just keep doing what they have always done. There is no need to make a change if something seems to be working.

Government Mandates Are Essential
Branson thinks that governments should step in and make mandates for the automakers. Branson believes that all cars should be Tribrids by 2020. A Tribrid car is a car that is a hybrid electric and a flex fuel car. It can run on a combination of ethanol, electricity and gasoline. I think they need to take it one step further and add bio diesel to the list. Branson believes that all gas stations should be required to handle ethanol as well as gasoline. I think it would be great if you could fill up on natural gas as well. The Honda GX gets about 30 miles to the gallon and runs completely on natural gas.
One thing is for sure, climate change won’t solve itself. We need leaders. Thankfully there are people that step forward and have a voice to make a change. It will take more people than just Richard Branson however. It wall take everyone stepping up to the plate.