Lynx Gas Grill – What Is The Best Gas Grill?

Looking for ways to stay at home but still get the great taste of steak just like your favorite Steak House Restaurant? Or are you looking for ways to save money by reducing your electric bill in the summer? No need to go further than the Lynx Gas Grill. The Lynx Gas Grill line of products comes from over 35 years of commercial restaurant equipment experience touts the Lynx Grill website.

What Is the Best Outdoor Gas Grill? Lynx Gas Grill Is One Choice
The Lynx Gas Grill line is one of the best gas outdoor cooking grill lines on the market. In fact they are considered the Rolls Royce of Grills. What makes this grill company one of the best? Lynx Gas Grills are handcrafted and made from stainless steel. Lynx is an innovator in design and only uses the most durable material with the best welded construction to provide not only performance but style as well. These grills will probably outlast their owners.

Lynx Gas Grills Are Durable And Built In The USA
The Lynx Gas Grill was inspired by commercial restaurant technology. All Lynx outdoor products are American designed and made. Not only will they enhance the appearance of your backyard but they are built to withstand the toughest conditions. The environment for a grill is tough. You have the weather and the extreme heat of the grill. Only the best will do when putting together your backyard cooking area. Consider a Lynx Grill.

Lynx Gas Grill Technology And Special Features

One strong feature of the Lynx Grill system is the red brass burners coupled with ceramic briquettes to give extremely uniform cooking temperatures and heat retention when the lid is lifted. This combination provides for long lasting equipment and great flavor. Ceramic briquettes not only hold heat but contribute to great flavor from burning grease and smoke.

Red brass is one of the best heat conduits because it is stronger and more durable than other types of brass. It is also able to endure extreme heat. The Lynx Red Brass Burners are H shaped which allow for even heat distribution. The best thing is that the Lynx Red Brass Burners come with a lifetime warranty.

Another strong feature of the Lynx Grilling systems is the infrared searing burners. Unlike most other gas grills which have two setting infrared searing burners, the Lynx ProSear infrared burner allows for variable control. This feature will allow you to sear at variable temperatures depending on your menu. You can sear your filet mignon just like your favorite restaurant would and then switch to chicken or seafood at lower temperatures.

Another feature is that these grills give you delicate control at the lowest temperatures. Most conventional gas grills do not give you much control when trying to cook at low temperatures. It is usually hot or hotter and that is it. That is why you can tend to burn things.

This grill features illuminated led lights. This feature is a Lynx Gas Grill signature. Who wants to fumble around with a flashlight when trying to cook on the grill? This could be the difference between a perfect meal and a burnt meal.

One last feature of the Lynx systems is their lid hinge system. Given that the Lynx Grills are made from heavy gauge stainless system with expertly welded joints, grill lids weigh in excess of 40 pounds. But you would never know it as their lid hinges are designed to allow single finger leverage.

Cooking Outdoors To Save Money
Cooking outside can be fun but it can also save you money especially in the summer. If you live in a hot climate, cooking indoors can heat up your home and cause your air conditioner to run non stop. This will only increase your electric bill as well as raise the amount of green house gases that you are producing. If you cook outside, you will be using a cleaner burning fuel as well as helping to keep your air conditioning unit in check. Save money and have fun with your new grill.