How to Recycle at Home? Recycling Tips For Everyone

With the current awareness of environmental issues, many people are interested in how to recycle at home. Recycling at home is a simple, effective and cost-free way to help save the environment by cutting down on the waste that goes to our landfills. Below you will find some recycling tips for recycling in your home.
Studies have shown that homes produce the highest percentage of waste. In America, 75% of waste comes from homes and only 35% of that goes to the recycling plant. With these simple home recycling tips, you can get started on your own home recycling program.

Home Recycling Tips

Most people’s recycling bins are either outside or in the garage, which is not very convenient. Putting containers around the house that serve as recycling bins can help your family easily collect recycle items that may otherwise end up in the trash, such as cardboard toilet paper rolls and empty shampoo bottles from the bathroom.

Every plastic container has a recycling number on it. These numbers identify what type of plastic the container is made out of. Most recycling plants accept plastic that is labeled numbers 1 and 2, but other plants accept all seven types of plastic.

In your home office, put a special basket where you put all the paper for recycling.

If you start recycling inside your home, it will not be long before your kids will get used to it and never throw things that can be recycled, whether they are in your home or in school.

Aluminum is one of the most efficient recycled materials around. It only takes 90 days for a recycled soda can to be converted into a new one. Making new aluminum cans from recycled ones takes 95% less energy than making cans from new materials. Make sure you recycle every aluminum can you buy.

Always remember the 3 R’s; Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. Help save our environment!