Going Green Around The Home To Save Money And The Environment

Although everyone has their own methods of budgeting, seldom do you find anyone not interested in saving money every way possible. Helpful suggestions can be found in many articles, magazines, newspapers, best-selling books and even on the Internet. What is lacking is the advice on how to put these ideas into practical use, and those especially interested in ways for going green and using eco friendly home products while saving money, are at a loss in implementing these ideas.

Fluorescent Light Bulbs And Green Shopping Bags
This practice of recycling and saving energy by changing to fluorescent lightbulbs – CFL’s – is becoming more widespread and widely used. But, be sure and keep lights turned off when leaving a room. Stores are now offering Green shopping bags which can be made of cloth or heavy plastic and reused many times. This will be a savings in the long run for stores, as well as those purchasing and using the shopping bags. They also prevent long lasting plastic from showing up in our landfills.

Pre Shopping Trip Money Saving Strategies – Eat First And Clip Coupons
When planning a grocery shopping trip, be sure and eat a meal or snack before leaving home. You’ll be less tempted to spend extra money on unplanned food items if you aren’t feeling hunger pangs while in the store. It’s quite common for everything to look appealing and appetizing especially baked goods and candy on the "Reduced" cake, cookie and pie display.
Another plan needed before shopping, is coupon clipping, but only on the items you’d normally use and be sure and check the coupon savings against the store brand price. Sometimes you’ll save more money by skipping coupon use and getting the store or generic brand. The quality of food is usually quite comparable though less costly.

Shop Locally – Buy Locally
You can benefit naturally by shopping at the locally grown fruits and vegetables market – the Farmers Market. You may also have a Whole Foods nearby where they offer locally grown produce and meats. Purchasing local produce pumps money back into your local economy. It also reduces the amount of fuel it takes to transport the food you buy to the grocery store.

Additional Green And Money Saving Tips Like Walk – Bike – And Recycle
If able to get to their destination by bicycle, this would save on cost of gasoline in your car, or possibly the produce stand can be reached by walking. Take along your reusable shopping bags just in case you make purchases which are on your list. Parents with baby strollers may be able to walk to local stores for shopping needs as well as getting beneficial exercise. If given plastic store bags for your food purchases, save these and then after accumulating, return to the store for recycling.
On the grocery shelves, more eco-friendly products are appearing for use around your house. These are comparable in price to the name brands, but are made of natural products and are biodegradable. Recently I found Green house cleaning products, as well as toilet and bathroom cleaners. These also avoid spraying poisonous fumes into the air inside your home which is more healthful for those with allergies or other medical conditions where they need pure air to breathe.
To avoid using as much electricity or gas, hang your clothes outside to dry, if at all possible. This will save in utility costs as well as give clothing and linens a fresher, cleaner fragrance.
Recently we are seeing an increasing number of bicycle riders. One elderly woman has a 3 wheeled bicycle with a shopping basket attached to the front. She gets out in all types of weather for her daily trip to the local store and also visits yard sales in the neighborhood.
If you have access to the Internet, you can look up other ways to save money, some of which can be applicable to you and your family. Should you have teens nearing college age, be sure and research scholarship availability at the colleges they might be considering.
With birthdays and holidays approaching, shop early to find the best gift when prices are lowest, such as Clearance or "Going out of Business Sales". Goodwill and Salvation Army Stores offer good, used clothing, toys and other miscellaneous items which are in such good condition, they can be worn or used by family members or saved as gifts in the future.
Using a lot of thought and ingenuity, ways can be found to save money through energy conservation, usage of more natural products, recycling and looking for new ideas to accomplish these purposes!