How to Recycle at Home? Recycling Tips For Everyone

As a homeowner you have a great opportunity to recycle much of the waste that your home and family generates – review these simple tips to help you recycle more in your home.

How To Get Rid Of Ants

I dread hearing my wife say "Honey there are ants in the house!". What is worse, is trying to kill ants – I mean trying to kill all of them, not just the scouts that are checking out the place looking for food and water. Here is a good remedy or recipe for a non toxic and poison that will finally answer the question: how to get rid of ants.

Going Green Around The Home To Save Money And The Environment

Just about everyone wants to save money. Believe it not, going green around the home can save you money and even time if you plan things out. At first glance many people dismiss green products as too expensive, but in the long run eco friendly home products do make a difference. There are many ways to go green without spending any money.

What Is Clean Coal? Is Clean Coal Really Clean? Don’t Be Fooled

What Is Clean Coal? Do Not Be Fooled About Clean Coal with the Presidential Candidates backing Clean Coal. Coal is not Clean – current Clean Coal Technology still does not capture carbon dioxide gas which is the biggest contributor to greenhouse gas buildup and global warming.

How To Lower Your Hot Water Bill – 4 Ways

Lowering your hot water bill is an effective way to save money. Learn 4 ways to reduce your hot water bill by using some common sense and by installing energy efficient hot water heaters, tank less on demand hot water heaters, and solar hot water heaters. Many incentives to help pay for these home improvements.

Green Mortgages Allow Homeowners To Qualify For Bigger House – What?

Green Mortgages – Energy Efficient Mortgages – Allow Homeowners and Home Buyers to borrow money to make energy efficient improvements and upgrades to their homes. Use this loan to save money not to buy a more expensive house. Save money.

Compact Car Or SUV : Which One Should I Buy?

Compact Cars get high gas mileage. SUV’s get lower gas mileage. As gas prices go up will Americans continue to buy SUV’s or Compact Cars with higher mileage, Alternative Fuel Cars, or Hybrids? A recent SUV TV commercial was advertising to college grads to buy a new SUV versus a Compact Car.

Lynx Gas Grill – What Is The Best Gas Grill?

Lynx Gas Grills are certainly one of the world’s best gas grills. Durable, hand made in the USA, stainless steel, infrared, red brass burners all make the Lynx Gas Grill system one of the best.

What Is The Pickens Plan – Wind Power Generation

Wind power generation is the Pickens Plan. The Pickens Plan calls for increase natural gas vehicle use and wind driven turbine power generation in the mid section of the US to reduce the U.S. dependency on foreign oil.

Richard Branson Started Virgin Fuels To Help Stop Climate Change

Richard Branson started Virgin Fuels to help stop climate change. Virgin Fuels and Branson invest in renewable energy projects to promote and develop a sustainable future. Climate change is here to stay.

What Is My Carbon Footprint?

If you ask what is my carbon footprint when buying a home, you can get a home that is energy efficient, a home that saves you money, but a blank stare from your real estate agent. Send them this link.

Going Green Is Easy – Committing To It Is Hard

Going green, or reducing your impact on the environment is easy. What is hard is your commitment to it. The only commitment harder might be losing weight, or marriage – it is for life.

The Top 2008 U.S. Green Cities

The top 2008 U.S. Green Cities provide green spaces, bike lanes, energy conservation initiatives, urban community gardens, green power and buildings.

What Is Green Power, Renewable Energy, Conventional Power?

Green Power and Renewable Energy – best power sources for the environment – little or no global warming unlike conventional power from fossil fuels

Go Green Tips – Energy Efficient Housing Ideas

Energy Efficient Housing Ideas, Go Green Tips, Ways to Save Money are in vogue again. This time around there are some new ideas and new reasons.

Driving Green – Is There Such A Thing

Driving Green is not about switching to a new alternative fuel car in this article. Review ways to change driving habits to improve gas mileage.