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To Buy A Home – Start With Your Credit Report

In today’s world, Credit Reports and Credit Scores Rule! If you are going to buy a home, your first step MUST be to get your credit report and review it. If your credit history and scores are good then you can move to the next step which is to gather your income and asset documents and contact a loan officer.

If your credit is not so good then you will need to do some work to improve your credit report and scores. You may still get a mortgage with lower credit scores, but lower scores mean higher interest rates, higher mortgage payments, which means you may qualify for a lesser expensive house than you may want or need. Unless it is an emergency – which rarely is it an emergency – it makes financial sense to improve your credit before you buy a home.

What Is A Good Credit Score?

Since the mid 1990’s, Credit Reporting Agencies have been using Credit Scores. Credit Scores are typically between 350 and 850. Your Credit Scores are used to predict what your credit history is likely to be in the future.

Credit Scores go up and down for all kinds of reasons: high credit card balances, too many cards open, closing older credit card accounts, missed payments, paying off balances. Life also happens to most of us like job loss, medical reasons, failed businesses, getting an inheritance and using it to pay bills.

A good credit score is anything above 620, an average score in the U.S. is 680, and an excellent credit score is generally anything over 700. Folks who have just gone through a bankruptcy will likely have scores in the low 500’s or below. Tips To Improve Your Credit Scores – Creditor Secrets

Obtaining Your FREE Yearly Credit Report

Free Annual Credit Reports: There’s only one authorized online source for you to get a free copy of your credit report once every 12 months. It’s That’s Beware of other sites claiming to offer the same service. They’re probably scams., is the only authorized source for your free annual credit report by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

A message from the FTC, the nation’s consumer protection agency: will NEVER send you an email solicitation for your credit report, or use pop up ads. If you DO receive any solicitation or are presented with any form of advertising concerning you obtaining your free annual credit report, chances are they are imitators who may be running a look-alike scam. Please share this information with others you care about by sending them to this page so that they, too, can receive this free information!