Denied Credit? How Can I Change My Credit Scores?

You may be asking yourself: how can I change my credit scores? or you did a search in Google or Yahoo or Bing for: how to change credit scores? if you have recently gotten your credit scores and you know that they are too low to allow you to qualify for a credit account of some sort like a mortgage, or credit card, or car loan, or insurance, or a place to rent, or even a job.

Yes employers are looking hard at credit reports these days because the opinion of many lenders is that they can tell a lot about someone by what their credit history looks like.

Credit scores reflect how you have been paying your credit accounts over time with a heavier emphasis put on what your most recently payment history looks like in the past 12 months.

If your scores are too low then you can probably bet on the fact that there is some negative information showing up on your credit report like missed or late payments and/or collection accounts etc.

The way to change your scores is to:

  • let time go by from when you had your missed/late payment or other negative information on your credit report.
  • get the information corrected if it is in error
  • correct your situation – like catch up your late payments, or settle a recently reported collection account
  • get another line of credit if you can and don’t use it very much. Use it some but don’t over charge it
  • pay down your credit card balances without closing them out. Keep older credit cards open if you can
  • keep balances on your open credit cards and other revolving credit to a minimum – at least less than 50% of the credit limit