Denied Credit? How Can I Change My Credit Scores?

You may be asking yourself: how can I change my credit scores? or you did a search in Google or Yahoo or Bing for: how to change credit scores? if you have recently gotten your credit scores and you know that they are too low to allow you to qualify for a credit account of […]

How To Improve My Credit Scores to Get A Mortgage

Are you in the boat of once having good credit scores and now your credit scores have done down? You are not alone. Having good credit scores means a lot in today’s economy: getting credit, getting a job, renting a house, etc. With the number of people having problems with credit who have never had […]

FHA Credit Score – What Is A Good Credit Score For Getting A FHA Mortgage?

Often loan officers get asked the question: “What is a good FHA Credit Score?” Officially from FHA and simply put, a good FHA credit score is any credit score above 500. However, many FHA lenders will not lend you money for an FHA mortgage if your FHA credit score is less than 620. There are […]