Skills Every Homeowner Needs

First Time Home Owner Home Repair Maintenance SkillsOne thing many first time homeowners do not think about is the skills you need to own a home. Unless you have money to throw at minor fixes in your home, you will need to become a handyman. Knowing how to take care of different things around your home can do more than just save you money though; it will keep your house running smoothly. There are a few skills every homeowner should know about.

Fixing a Leaky Faucet

Even a small leak in a faucet can add up to your water usage, which in turn will cost you significantly more on your water bill. Usually the faucet leaks because the washer has gone bad. While this is a quick fix, it does require a little knowledge. You will need to turn off the water supply valve under the sink so you do not have issues while working. Then you will need take apart the different parts to the faucet to find the culprit. It is a good idea to line up the parts as they came off so you can put it back together easier.

Fix a Seized Lock

Rather than paying a locksmith to come out and replace your lock, you may want to try fixing it first. The best way to do this is by spraying in WD-40. This will lubricate the inside to allow the key to turn. If this does not work, then you will need a professional to take a look at the lock or you can replace the lock yourself.

Unclogging the Sink

Despite what many people think, chemical drain cleaning is rarely an effective strategy. It usually only creates a small hole rather than actually taking care of the problem. The best thing you can do is plunge the sink using a flat faced plunger. If that does not work, you can take off the trap to see what is causing the issue. You may need to snake the drain.

Securing Your Home

Protecting your home and it’s belonging is one of each homeowners top priorities.  Often the first step when buying a new home is changing all of the locks and making sure the windows all close and lock correctly.  This is a great start, however every home needs a contingency plan.  You may have visitors that will need access to your home while you are away, or you may have a thief that is willing to break a window or door to gain entry.  A good way to ensure your home is safe is to install a home security system.  Check out for the best solution for your home, and in the meantime don’t forget to make the necessary upgrades to your current locks.

Finding a Stud

When you want to hang something with weight to it, such as a bookshelf, it is best to use the stud. While knocking on the wall can be used to find a stud, it is best to have a more precise knowledge which is why you should have an electronic stud finder. This can help you to properly hang things in your home.

Grout Cleaning in Floor Tiles

Over time, the grout becomes dingy looking, even if you clean on a regular basis. While you may think to try many different chemicals, there is a way to handle this simply. Use a steam cleaner. This will leave the grout looking brand new and you will not have to worry about harmful chemicals being sprayed or bacteria being left behind.

Understanding the Breaker

Knowing which breakers are for which parts of the house is a vital piece of information with a home. Sometimes these will be labeled and you will want to make sure that the ink for the labeling stays legible. If they are not labeled, then the easiest way to do this is to plug in lamps throughout the home and switch the breakers off and communicate which ones each are for.