Skills Every Homeowner Needs

First Time Home Owner Home Repair Maintenance Skills

One thing many first time homeowners do not think about is the skills you need to own a home. Unless you have money to throw at minor fixes in your home, you will need to become a handyman. Knowing how to take care of different things around your home can do more than just save […]

Your First Home in Cincinnati Ohio

Buying your first home can be a time-consuming and stressful task, especially if don’t know too much about the real estate market in Cincinnati, Ohio. With the beautiful skyline, the legendary microbreweries, the rich local culture, the regular street festivals that span the city, the Cincinnati Museum of Art for art lovers, and the relaxed […]

What Items Stay With The House When It Is Sold

Learn what to ask for when buying a home when it concerns home appliances and other home fixtures. Your RE agent should inform you, but make sure you ask.

Calculate Your Housing Budget – Know What You Can Afford Before Buying

Calculating your housing budget before looking for a home is a smart move. You will be in a position to know just what you can afford. Look at some issues related to your housing budget.

Buying Your First Home – Buy What You Can Afford

There are many advantages of getting a smaller house when buying your first home. If you buy what you can afford, you can be sure to make your payments and build equity.

How Credit Scores Change With Credit Problems

If Qualifying for a Mortgage to buy a home you may want to know what changes you can expect in your credit scores if you have run into a credit problem caused by some financial difficulties. Learn how much your score can change with different types of credit problems.

Mortgage Questions To Ask When Shopping For A Mortgage

5 mortgage questions to keep in mind when shopping for a mortgage to buy a house or refinance your mortgage.

Down Payment Required – But Not Always

You will need to come up with some sort of down payment to buy a home unless you decide to buy a home located in a rural area with a USDA loan or with a VA Loan if you are eligible. All of other mortgage programs require at least 3.5% down payment in order to […]

Arizona First Time Home Buyer Assistance Down Payment Programs

Summary list of many of Arizona first time home buyer and down payment assistance programs per location in Arizona. Maximum allowable assistance is also summarized so that first time home buyers in AZ can know what kind of home buying assistance they may get.

Cheap Mortgage Interest Rates For First Time Home Buyers In West Virginia

Buy a home in West Virginia as a first time home buyer and get cheap mortgage interest rates from the West Virginia Housing Development Fund. Learn some features for the program.

More Jobs May Be Bad News For The Home Buying Market In 2010

More jobs may mean higher home prices and higher interest rates. Learn why more jobs may mean you should start your home buying process sooner than later.

Personal Finance Budgeting For Homebuyers

How does personal finance budgeting relate to buying a home? If you can get your household finances in order, raise your credit score and start saving for a down payment, you are on the way to your new home. This article deals with personal finance budgeting.

Get Started With Credit For First Time Buyers

Are you just getting started establishing your credit history? This article is for people with no credit, or people looking for credit for first time buyers.

8000 Tax Credit First Time Home Buyer – One Reason To Buy A Home

One Reason To Buy A Home – The 8000 Tax Credit First Time Home Buyer Reason. Get 8000 For Buying Your First Home in 2010. Learn other reasons to buy your first home in this article.

Credit Score Factors to Consider When Buying Your First Home

Learn the credit scores factors that may make a difference for a lower interest rate on your mortgage or for how much mortgage you can qualify for as you buy your first home.

First Time Home Buyer Tips For Home Buying in 2010

Buying your first time home buyer in 2010 as a first time home buyer – have questions about the home buying process. First time home buyer tips and buying guide are contained in this article.