Use AmeriDream to Buy a Home – My Story

I used the AmeriDream down payment assistance program and a FHA home loan to buy a home. Perfect for AmeriDream I had little money, decent credit, and a job.

What Are My Options If I Fall Behind on My FHA Loan

Believe it or not, if you have an FHA loan you do have a lot of option to stop foreclosure and recover from a financial hardship. Learn More…

What Is FHA?

FHA is the leader is providing home buying assistance to low to moderate income home buyers. FHA has its quirks, but is a great loan program fulfilling the dreams of many people. Learn more.

Title Insurance – What Is It?

Title Insurance is always required when you use a mortgage company. If you are buying a home with all cash, you should also get title insurance. Learn more.

Down Payment Grants for First Time Home Buyers

Down Payment Grants and Assistance Programs provide down payment money for First Time Home Buyers who have little money. Find out the differences.

What Is A FHA Streamline Refinance – Do I Qualify?

You may be glad that you have a FHA mortgage and want to refinance in today’s real estate and mortgage environment – 2008. With property values going down all over the country the FHA Streamline refinance coupled with the FHA Secure loan program could help many home owners…

What Are The Benefits of A FHA Home Loan?

FHA Home Loans are a great alternative loan program for people who have less than perfect credit or lower credit scores. Find out the benefits of a FHA loan.

What Is AmeriDream?

AmeriDream is a down payment gift program, not a 0% down payment program. Use AmeriDream to buy a home if you do not have money for a down payment or closing costs. In 2008, the only way to purchase a home without any money is using FHA. But FHA…

What is FHA Secure and How Do I Qualify?

The FHA Secure Loan Program was launched in the fall of 2007 in an attempt by the U.S. Government to ease the increase number of foreclosures in the U.S. housing market. Although it is a good option for some folks, unfortunately it will not help enough people to improve the housing market.

FHA Refinance Programs

FHA loans are great not only for first time home buyers, but for regular refinancing and streamline financing too. There are many ways to refinance your FHA once you have one. Each of these ways is designed to give you incredible flexibility and cost savings when it comes time to refinance.

FHA Home Loans: How to Qualify

Following the Mortgage Meltdown of 2007, FHA loans have become extremely popular for first time home buyers, and many move up buyers. Find out how to qualify for a FHA loan to help you save time and money both important during the home buying process.

The scoop on FHA loans, are they right for you?

FHA loans are great loans for first time home buyers who have little money, or have limited credit established. Find FHA Loan program guidelines as you prepare to buy a home. While great for qualifying certain types of home buyers, FHA mortgages have some features that make them hard to use.